AAA Math - Hundreds of pages of Basic Math Skills - Interactive Practice on every page - Several Challenge Games on every page  
  Aard 3D Puzzles (Java)
  Abacus in Various Number Systems (Java)
  ABE Volume Calculator Page  
  Activities - Mathematics (Java)
  Addition and Multiplication Tables in Various Bases (Java)
  Addition - There are many things that can be added: numbers, vectors, matrices, spaces, shapes, sets, functions, equations, strings, chains...  
  Addition and Multiplication Tables in Various Bases (Java)
  Addition Facts Quiz  
  A Gallery of Interactiv Geometry - För gymnasiet  
  Algebra - S.O.S Mathematics  
  Algebra Tutorials  
  Algebra1: Graphing Linear Equations  
  Amazing Math Mania Theme Park - Think Quest - It has tests and lessons for Fraction Fun House, Dangerous Decimals, Colorful Comparisons, Wide World of Word Problems, Daring Double Division, Symbol's Show Case, Carnival Conversions, and Champion's Challenge that includes everything  
  A+ Math Flashcards
  A+ Math: Games - games to help you learn addition, subtraction, division and multiplication  
  A+ Math - Help your students improve their math skills interactively, using online flashcards, worksheets and more  
  Analog Clock Time Difference
  Analog Time Compare
  An Interactive Proof of Pythagoras' theorem  
  Area and Circumference of a Circle by Archimedes (Java)
  Aritm - Aritm tränar dig i enkel huvudräkning (Java)
  A short course in trigonometry (Java)
  Ask Dr.Math  
  A thesaurus of mathematics - An online dictionary of mathematics  
  A Time Line of Mathematicians
  Automaths - Öva de fyra räknesätten (Java)
  A Visual Dictionary of Special Plane Curves  
  Ball Drop - Demonstrates the normal distribution curve  
  Bamdad's Math Comics Page  
  Base Converter (Java)
  Basic College Mathematics - Drill Problems, Whole Numbers, Percent, Multiplying and Dividing Fractions, Measurement, Adding and Subtracting, Fractions, Geometry, Decimals, Basic Algebra, Ratio and Proportion, Statistics  
  Basic Rule of Algebra - Balansering av ekvation  
  Basics for Dr Settle's Classes - Quick notes on how to draw a bar graph, use various graphing calculators  
  Basics of Graphing - Koordinatsystemet  
  BasketMath Interactive - Drill, Addition, Multiplication, Subtraction, Division, Common Factors, Signed numbers, Perimeter, Decimals, Exponents, etc.  
  Base ten count - This activity is useful for young children who are just beginning to learn how numbers are made up. The object is to group the ones into tens to see what numbers come up  
  Beginning Algebra - Tutorials
  Besondere Linien und Kreise im Dreieck - Speciella linjer och cirklar i en triangel (Java)
  Binomische Formeln - Multiple Choice Test  
  Binomische Formeln - Kurs  
  Birthplace Maps Index
  BITESIZE for Maths - Revise the GCSE maths syllabus including algebra, data handling, number and shape and space - BBC  
  Bittinger/Ellenbogen Algebra  
  Brain Games Web Guide Mathematical Puzzles  
  Brain Games Web Guide Mathematical Recreations  
  Brain Teasers - Math puzzles and problems for grades 3 to 8  
  Bunny Count - A game
  Calculus Internet - A calculus site that offers extensive information about all areas of calculus.  
  Casio Classroom  
  Circles (Java)
  Circumference & Area of Circles  
  Click on Bricks - Learn how to multiply  
  Clownen Click - 8 av 15 moduler i ett matteprogram för förskola och lågstadium  
  College Algebra Lectures and Quizzes  
  Components of a Vector (Java)
  Concentration - Addition version (Java)
  Concentration - Multiplication version (Java)
  CopyCat - A captivating new 3D game  
  Cornell Math and Science Gateway for Grades 9-12  
  Crossfigure Puzzles - A numeric version of crosswords  
  Cyber Education-Mathematics - Internet will make Mathematics interesting and fun to learn  
  DaisyMaths - Primary and Elementary School exercises to improve your mathematics skills  
  Damping Functions - These pages will explain damping functions  
  DAU Math Refresher - An interactive tutorial which gives a comprehensive view of basic Mathematics  
  DAU Stat Refresher  
  Dave's Math Tables  
  Dave's Short Course on Complex Numbers  
  Dave's Short Trig Course  
  Demonstrate the Pythagorean Theorem
  Der Inkreis eines Dreiecks - Den inskrivna cirkeln i en triangel (Java)
  Der Satz des Pythagoras - Geometrischer Beweis (Java)
  Der Satz des Pythagoras - Pythagoras sats, ett bevis (Java)
  Der Schwerpunkt eines Dreiecks - En triangels tyngdpunkt (Java)
  Der Thaleskreis - Periferivinkeln i en halvcirkel (Java)
  Der Umkreis eines Dreiecks - Den kring en triangel omskrivna cirkeln (Java)
  Decimals, Whole Numbers, and Exponents  
  Dictionary - Mathematics
  Die Platonischen Körper (Java)
  Discovery School's WebMath - Offers instant help to your math problems  
  Dissecting Triangles and Squares (audio enabled)
  Divisibility Rules - Delbarhetsregler  
  Dot Product Applet - Demonstrates the dot product or scalar product of two vectors (Java)
  Double Fun Match - To find all the matching pairs of cards (Java)
  Early Math for Kids - A drill game
  Electronic Games for Education in Math and Science  
  Electronic Statistics Textbook  
  Elementary Algebra - Students helping students
  En liten regnetest - Matte-test for de yngste  
  Equation Grapher (Java)
  Eric's Treasure Trove of Mathematics - On-Line Science Encylopedia  
  Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics - Ett matematiskt uppslagsverk  
  Estimation - Hundreds - Students will practice estimating and rounding to the nearest hundred with matching and concentration games  
  Estimation - Tens - Students will practice estimating and rounding to the nearest ten with matching and concentration games  
  Estimating Angles Game - Banana Hunt  
  Euclid's Elements  
  Euclid's Elements (Java)
  Euclid's Game (Java)
  Evaluate the limit as x approaches zero of a function (Java)
  Exercises in Math Readiness - For final year high school students  
  EZ Graph - Zona Land's graphics calculator (Java)
  Famous Curves Applet Index (Java)
  Famous Curves Index
  Famous Curves - Ritar upp många kurvor (Java)
  Flashcards for Kids - Matematiska övningar på räknesätten  
  Flash - Online flashcards for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division  
  Flervalstest - Avsnittet - Arbeta med tal , Kurs A i Matematik för Komvux  
  Formula Graphing - Ritar funktioner (Java)
  Fractionary Numbers Workshop (Java)
  Fraction Frenzy - Match the equivalent fractions before time runs out (Shockwave)
  Fractions and Decimals - Match fractions with their decimal values - Memory game  
  Frank Potter's Science Gems - Mathematics  
  FreeGraph Page (Java)
  Fresh Baked Fractions - Will show you four fractions. Click on the fraction that is not equal to the others (Java)
  Fråga Lund om matematik  
  Fråga Matematilde om matematik - Interactive Online - Math Games, Change Maker, Math Baseball, Arithmetic drill  
  Function-Plot Applet (Java)
  Gallery of Interactive Geometry  
  Geometric Eagle - Think Quest - Leads students from beginning to intermediate geometry  
  Geometry Online  
  GoMath's Algebra Solutions  
  GoMath's Geometry Solutions - A sophisticated calculator that calculates the perimeter, lateral and surface areas, and volume of plane and solid geometric figures  
  Grafer och grafik  
  Graphics for the Calculus Classroom - This is a collection of graphical demonstrations  
  Graphing Applet (Java)
  Graphing Vector Calculator (Java)
  Graph It!
  Guess the Number - A game
  Guess the Number Plus - A game
  Harcourt Brace Math Glossary - A wonderful glossary for math terms for grades 1-8  
  Help Facility for Grades 4-8 - Covers decimals, fractions, geometry, introductory algebra, and much more  
  Help for New Math Teachers  
  Helping your child learn math  
  High School Quizzes  
  History of mathematics  
  History of Mathematics  
  History of Mathematics - Indexes of Biographies  
  History Topics Index
  Hungry forMath - Think Quest - If you are a 4th-6th grader who doesn't understand or is confused about your fraction homework, then this is the site for you  
  HyperStat Online - An introductory-level hypertext statistics book  
  Illustrate numerical integration of a function (Java)
  Index for the Chronology - Chronology of important dates in the development of mathematics
  InfoMath’s practice page - Interactive Online  
  InfoMath - Öva tabeller (Java)
  Innføring i vektorrekning  
  Inkreis eines Dreiecks - Den inskrivna cirkeln i en triangel (Java)
  Innenwinkelsumme eines Dreiecks - Vinkelsumman i en triangel (Java)
  Interactive Algebra (Java)
  Interactive Mathematics - Fantastisk sida!  
  Interactive Mathematic Miscellany and Puzzles  
  Interactive Mathematics Online  
  Interactiv Mathematics - Utah State University
  Interactive Real Analysis (Java)
  Interactive tests
  Interactive Trigonometry Lessons  
  Interior Angels of Regular Polygons - Geometri  
  Intermediate Algebra Quiz for Test1  
  Internet Educational Workbook - Lär matematik med hjälp av interakriva övningar  
  Introduction to Algebra  
  Introduction to Statistics  
  Java Applets (Java)
  Java Demos for Probability and Statistics (Java)
  Kathetensatz und Satz des Pythagoras (Java)
  Knot - A Braid of Links  
  Komponenten eines Vektors - En vektors komposanter (Java)
  Koordinater i planen  
  Kopfrechentrainer - Training Kopfrechnen (Java)
  Kunskapsbanken: Matematik - Arkivet: bläddra bland frågorna om Matematik  
  K-12 Math Problems, Puzzles, Tips & Tricks  
  Lemonade Stand - The classic computer game  
  Let me Graph An Equation for you !  
  Limits - Gränsvärden  
  Line Jump - Will show you a number line. Click on the number line at the correct answer (Java)
  Lucktest - Avsnittet - Arbeta med tal, Kurs A i Matematik för Komvux  
  Länkar till sidor som handlar om statistik  
  Magisk matematik  
  Manipula Math with Java - Calculus (Java)
  Manipula Math with Java - Complex Number (Java)
  Manipula Math with Java - Conics (Java)
  Manipula Math with Java - Miscellaneous (Java)
  Manipula Math with Java - Trigonometry (Java)
  Manipula Math with Java - Vectors (Java)
  Matematik B - IT-Center, Sthlm - Välj Kurs: Matematik B  
  Matematik med MATLAB - En handledning  
  Matematik och molekyler  
  Matematik minimum - Matematisk terminologi  
  Matematiksider (Java)
  Matematiska rörelseproblem  
  MATH-abundance - Tutorial  
  Math Advantage  
  Math Baseball - Score runs by answering math questions. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division  
  Math Brain - 25 arcade-style games
  MathChase - MathChase is a game for TWO players at ONE computer (Java)
  Math Concepts - Lesson Plans, Spreadsheets, Factors, Primes and Functions, Fractions, Decimals, Percentss, Working with Data  
  Mathematics Archives - JAVA and Other Interactive WWW Pages(Många länkar)  
  Mathematics - Free Worksheets - Volumes 1-2  
  Math Forum - Arithmetic - Classroom materials, software, newsgroups  
  Math Goodies - A free educational web site featuring interactive math lessons, homework help, worksheets, puzzles  
  Mathematical Interactivities  
  Mathematical games and recreations  
  Mathematically Interesting Games  
  Mathematical resources on the net  
  Mathematics Archives - JAVA and Other Interactive WWW Pages(Många länkar)  
  Mathematics Hotlist  
  Mathematics - - Would you like to know everything about mathematics?  
  Math Facts Game
  Math Flashcards for Kids - Edu4Kids  
  Math Forum Elementary Problem of the Week  
  Math Forum: Math Internet Collection  
  Math Forum: Math Resources by Subject - Länkar  
  Math Games  
  Math Glossary - An animated glossary for grades 1-8.  
  Math Goodies - A free educational web site featuring interactive maths lessons  
  Math Help (From The Math Leaque) - This is a help resource for 4th through 8th grades.  
  Math League Help Topics - A help resource for 4th through 8th grades  
  Math lessons  
  Math Lessons - Thinkquest - Organized into 3 different categories. Algebra Lessons, Geometry Lessons, and Advanced Lessons.  
  Math Magician Games
  Math Mayhem - Are you ready to put your math skills to the ultimate challenge? (Shockwave)
  MathMol Library of Geometric Images  
  Math Notes.Com - Basic College Mathematics (InterActiv Math)
  Matho - Multiplication version (Java)
  Math - Online - Lista med flera Java-applets användbara i matematikundervisningen (Java)
  Math-on-Web - An Interactive Math Utilities Page  
  Math Problems & Quiz Games  
  Math Reference Tables I
  Math Reference Tables II
  Maths - Data Handling - BBC
  Maths file - Welcome to the Mapamatic Desert Challenge, part of the BBC Education Maths File - Use maths to navigate your way across the desert. (Shockwave)
  Maths - Number - BBC
  Maths - Shape, Space & Measure - BBC
  Math Square - drill game
  Math Tables  
  Mattehjälpen H&T  
  Maya Mathematics  
  Measurements Converter - Measurements available for conversions: Weight , Capacity and volume , Length , Area , Speed, Pressure, Temperature, Circular measure, Time  
  MegaMath - An absolutely wonderful collection of creative and imaginative ideas, exercises, and fun things to do  
  MegaMathematics -lärarhandledningsmaterial  
  MegaMath Tables - BBC (Shockwave)
  Middle School (Geometry) (Java)
  Middle School Quizzes - Science, Geography, Math  
  Mistery picture - Fractions exercise for grades 5 and up with a mystery picture game  
  More Mathematics than Science - Zona Land  
  Most popular biographies  
  Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies - Interactive math lessons  
  Multimedia - Matematik  
  Multiplication Facts Quiz  
  Multiplication Facts Quiz  
  Multiplikationstabelle - Tävla, träna
  Nationella kursprov i Matematik - Tidigare givna prov  
  Nominated Activities: Mathematics - Quia (Java)
  Number and Word Puzzles
  Number - BBC  
  Number Cracker - A game
  Number Puzzles - Interactive Online  
  Number Theory  
  Nätuppslagsverk över Heltalsserier
  One False Move - A game (Ordna tal i storleksordning)
  On-Line Math Learning Center - On-line Quizzes - Whole Numbers, Percents, Fractions, Proportions, Measurement, Scientific Notation, Applications of Rationals, Decimals  
  On-Line Tutorials - Finite Mathematics & Calculus Applied to the Real World  
  Operation Order - A game
  Ordinary Differential Equations - Visual differential equation solver (Java)
  Order of Operations - Interactive Online  
  Perimeter & Area of Polygons  
  Place Value Puzzler - A game (Talsorter)
  Platonische KörperTetraeder, Hexaeder, Oktaeder, Dodekaeder, Ikosaeder (Java)
  PlotFunction Physlet (Java)
  Polyhedra Gallery - Geometri  
  Power Football - Students score field goals with decimals (Java)
  Powers of Ten (Java)
  Practical Algebra Lessons  
  Practice the Time Tables
  Practice the Time Tables - (På begränsad tid)
  Precalculus Lectures and References  
  Prime Factorization Machine  
  Prime Number List - Generates a list of prime numbers  
  Primyphos - Ein Spiel zur Primfaktorzerlegung (Java)
  Probability Central - Think Quest  
  Probability Plaza - This page is designed to teach students about probability  
  Probability Tutorials  
  Pythagoras' Theorem (Java)
  Pythagorean Identities - Trigonometri  
  På tal om matte - Matematik för de lägre stadierna
  Quiz on Equations - A variety of problem combinations allows students to take the quiz numerous times  
  Real-time Histogram - Creates a histogram while you are clicking (Shockwave)
  Resource Room - Matematik  
  Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics (Java)
  Romerska siffror  
  RICHplot - Ritar upp dina funktioner (Java)
  Science and Mathematics Education  
  Schriftliches Rechnen - Grundrechenarten (Java)
  Schwerpunkt eines Dreiecks - Tyngdpunkten i en triangel (Java)
  Sehnenvierecke (Java)
  Sekanten- und Tangentensteigung (Java)
  Selected Math Resources by Subject  
  Shape, Space and Measure - BBC  
  Shape Surveyor - You will be shown a rectangle with the dimensions labeled. You must calculate the area or perimeter of the rectangle. (Java)
  Significant Figures - Gällande siffror (Java)
  Sinus, Cosinus und Tangens eines Winkels (Java)
  Slope of a Secant / Tangent Line (Java)
  Smile Program Mathematics Index - ca 200 lektioner i Matematik(Index för lärare)  
  Soccer Shoutout - A game
  S.O.S. MATHematics - Resource for math review material from Algebra to Differential Equations  
  SpaceyMath (Shockwave)
  Statistics for Everyone - Excellent explanation of basic terms in statistics, including mean, median, percent change, and per capita  
  Statistics Lectures and Quizzes  
  Stat 101 Modules: Elementary Statistical Inference  
  SurfStat glossary - Statistic  
  Svenska internetguiden i matematik - Intressanta länkar  
  Svenska Matematiklänkar  
  Table Mountain
  Tangrams - Chinese Puzzles  
  Tessalations - Mosaikmönster - Geometri  
  The Abacus: The Art of Calculating with Beads - History, tutorial, interactive pages (Java)
  The ArithmAttack - Drill, Addition, Multiplication, Division, Subtraction - How many computer-generated arithmetic problems can you answer in 60 seconds?  
  The Big Calculator Applet (Java)
  The Counting Game - Räkna figurer - Talområde 1-9 (Java)
  The Geometry Junkyard - Lång lista med lönkar till speciella teman om geometri och närbesläktade områden  
  The Grey Labryinth - An archive of puzzles from mathematicians, philosophers, and others  
  The Interactive Statistics Page - Web Pages that Perform Statistical Calculations - Over 280 Links  
  The Integrator - Siten som hjälper dig med dina integraler  
  The Largest Known Primes  
  The MacTutor History of Mathematics archive  
  The Math Forum - A collection of various internet resources dealing with mathematics  
  The Mult Applet - Tränar multiplikationstabellen (Java)
  Theorem of Pythagoras (Java)
  Theorem of Pythagorasa2 + b2 = c2 - Visar ett geometriskt bevis (Java)
  Thermometer - To understand the concept of minus quantities (Java)
  The "Virtual" - Mathematics Center - Martindale's Graduate & Undergraduate Center  
  Theorem of Pythagoras (Java)
  The Vector Cross Product - An Interactive Tutorial (Java)
  The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Mathematics  
  This is MegaMathematics!  
  Tic Tac Toe Squares - A game
  Time Experience for Kids - Matematiska övningar på tidsberäkningar  
  Topics in Pre-Algebra  
  Trianglar - Gör egna beräkningar (Java)
  Trig Functions  
  Trigonometric Functions - Think Quest - introduces the user to four basic trigonometric functions: sine, cosine, tangent, and cotangent  
  Trigonometric Identities - Think Quest - All the necessary formulas and equations that you should know in order to master trigonometry are explained  
  Trigonometry Lecture 1.1 - Trig Basics and Right Triangles  
  Trigonometry Lecture 1.1b - Trig Basics and Functions  
  Trigonometry Java Applets  
  Trigonometry Quizzes - Trigonometry Basics  
  Trigonometry Quizzes - Trig Radian Quiz  
  Trigonometry Quizzes - Trig Ratios  
  Trigonometry Quizzes - Trig Triangle Quiz  
  True-False Quizzes for Finite Mathematics & Applied Calculus  
  Umfangs- und Mittelpunktswinkel (Java)
  Umkreis eines Dreiecks - Den omskrivna cirkeln till en triangel (Java)
  Understanding Algebra (Java)
  Understanding Percent  
  Unterrichtsmaterialien Mathematik - Dreiecke und Vierecke  
  Unterrichtsmaterialien Mathematik - Gleichungen  
  Unterrichtsmaterialien Mathematik - Geometrische Sätze  
  Unterrichtsmaterialien Mathematik - Lineare Funktion  
  Unterrichtsmaterialien Mathematik - Prozentrechnung und Zinsrechnung  
  Unterrichtsmaterialien Mathematik - Quadratische Funktionen  
  Unterrichtsmaterialien Mathematik - Termumformung & binomische Formeln  
  Unterrichtsmaterialien Mathematik - Zahlbereiche  
  Unterrichtsmaterialien Mathematik - Winkel  
  Unterrichtsmaterialien - Unterrichtsmaterialien zum Unterricht in den Fächern Physik und Mathematik  
  Vector Addition (Java)
  Vector Addition - This java applets try to show : How to add two vector A and B into vector C (Java)
  Vector Arithmetic - Sums, Scalar multiplication, Resolving vectors, Dot product, Cross Product (Java)
  Vector Arithmetic Java Visualization - Addition, Substraction and Scalar Multiplication of Vectors (Java)
  Vector Math for 3D Computer Graphics
  Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Statistics (Java)
  Virtual Reality Magic Cube (Java)
  Virtuell Matematik  
  Visual Calculus - Describes how technology can be used in the teaching of calculus  
  Visual Fractions (Java)
  Visualization of Elementary Math  
  Visual Math For Java - Describes how technology can be used in the teaching of calculus  
  Välkommen till Nationella Prov i Matematik  
  Welcome to GOMATH  
  Welcome to Zona Land - Educational and entertaining items pertaining to mathematics  
  What's the Point? - A game (Punkter i ett koordinatsystem)
  Who is THAT? - Famous Scientists and Mathmeticians  
  William's Home Page - A collection of activities to help enrich mathematical learning
  Willoughby Wanderings - Multiplication and Division Tutorials and Drills  
  Willy the Watchdog (Java)
  Winkel am Kreis - Periferivinkeln i en cirkel (Java)
  Wiskunde Java Applets klas 1 t/m 4 - Stor samling Applets för matematik (Java)
  Wiskunde Java Applets klas 5 en 6 - Stor samling Applets för matematik (Java)
  Word Problems for Kids - A set of carefully selected problems which can help improve problem-solving skills  
  Write and Plot a Function (Java)
  2-D Vector Fields Applet - Demonstrates various properties of vector fields, including divergence and curl, etc (Java)
  3-D Vector Fields Applet - Demonstrates vector fields in 3 dimensions. Includes the Lorenz Attractor and Rossler Attractor (Java)
  3 glass puzzle (Java)
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