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ABC's of Nuclear Science - An introductory course in nuclear science
About Fusion
About Rainbows - An excellent scientific description of rainbows
About Temperature - An introduction to temperature, thermodynamics and kinetic theory
Absorption and Emission of Radiation by an Atom - Demonstration (Java)
Absorption Spectroscopy - Gas Lamps (Shockwave)
Acceleration (Java)
AC circuits (Shockwave)
Accommodation (Shockwave)
AC Generator Action (Java)
A complete course in classical mechanics for college freshmen (Java)
Acoustics and Vibration Animations (Java)
Acoustics FAQ - Akustik
Addition of Three Force Vectors - Forces add like vectors. Three forces act on the orange disk (Java)
Additive Colors - As you look at this monitor all the colors you see are produced with just red, green, and blue light! (Shockwave)
Additive Color II (Java)
Adventures in Physical Science - focuses on the basics of Physics and Chemistry. Easy-to-explore sections on Metrics, the Laws of Motion, Pressure, Heat Energy, and the Atom are illustrated Shockwave
A Floating Log - If a log is 2 m in radius and 10 m long, how much weight can I put on it? Find out here (Shockwave)
A Four Stroke Engine (Java)
Airplane Noise Simulator (Java)
Air Table Lab - Experiment with collisions on an air table (a device that eliminates friction) Shockwave)
Air Table with Momentum Vectors shown - Conservation of Momentum (Shockwave)
Air Track Lab (Shockwave)
Air Travelers - An introduction to the basic principles of buoyancy, properties of gases, temperature, and the technology involved in hot air ballooning
Aktuelle Wetterinformationen - Institut für Meteorologie der Freien Universität Berlin
Albert Einstein Online
Alexander Graham Bell's Path to the Telephone
All About Atoms
Amplitude Modulation (Java)
An applet describing interference through ripples in water (Java)
An Example of Doppler Effect (Java)
An example of SHM - A harmonic oscillator which utilizes friction as the restoring force. (Java)
An Example of Time Dilation (Java)
Angles of Reflection (Java)
Angular Momentum (Java)
Animated Circuit Simulator (Java)
Animations of Processes within the Ear
Animation: Stirling-Motor / Stirling Engine (Java)
An Introduction to Newtonian Mechanics (Java)
An Online Guide to Meteorology
Apply the Brakes (Shockwave)
Applets of Simulations on Physics (Java)
Archimedes Homepage
Archimedes' Principle I (Java)
Archimede's principle II (Java)
Argon-Ion Lasers (Java)
A rolling (and accelerating?) wheel (Java)
A Ship Floating in Liquids of Differing Densities (Java)
Astel - Fysik för lågstadiet-mellanstadiet
Astigmatism (Java)
Atom - BrainPop - An animated introduction to the atom (Flash)
Atomic and Molecular Orbitals (Java)
Atomic Emission - Photon emission and atomic energy level (Java)
Atomic Emission - Spectra of Gas Discharges
Atomic Recombination - Produce a hydrogen recombination line spectrum (Java)
Atmospheric Optical Effects - Some examples of commonly seen optical effects
Atom Builder (Shockwave)
Atom Builder - Build a carbon atom out of quarks and electrons, but watch out for radioactive decay (Shockwave)
Atomic Emission (Java)
Atomic Emission and Absorption (Java)
Atomic Orbitals (Java)
Atomic Orbitals - Orbital Viewer
Atomic Particles in Atoms and Ions
Atomic Physics on the Internet
Atomic Spectra (Java)
Atomic Structure I
Atomic Structure II
Atomic Structure III
Atomic Structure IV
Atom-Light Interactions - The Laser Interactive (Java)
Atoms and Molecules
Atoms, Molecules, and Ions I
Atoms, Molecules and Ions II
Atoms Quiz
Atom- und Kernphysik - Länksamling - Max Planck Institut für Kernphysik
Attraction and Repulsion By Magnet Poles (Java)
Atwood Machine I - Two masses, a rope, and a pulley (Java)
Atwood Machine II - Another look at the problem of two masses and a rope, but this time the pulley gets to rotate (Java)
A Two-Resistor Circuit (Java)
Audio beats in Sound Waves (Java)
Auftriebskraft in Flüssigkeiten - Lyftkraft på ett föremål i en vätska (Java)
Auroras: Paintings in the Sky - Find out what auroras look like from space and on Earth, how they are created, and where they can be found
Avalanche Photodiodes (Java)
A virtual physics laboratory - A developing collection of physics applets for use in undergraduate physics instruction (Java)
Avoid the Crash (Java)
A Walk through Time - Om tid och tidsmätning
A World of Particles
Balance a vertical stick - It gives you an idea why a long vertical stick is easier to be balanced (Java)
Ballistics - The Cannon (Java)
Ballistic Trajectory Tutorial (Java)
Balloon - Shows the behavior of a gas in a balloon, and allows the student to vary the temperature and observe the results (Java)
Bang! Boing! Pop! - Interactive Energy Conservation Simulation (Java)
Base Units and Derived Units (Java)
Basic Function of an Oscilloscope (Java)
Basic Nuclear Fission
Basic Physics - Index and Java Program Directory (Java)
Basic Physics with Java (Java)
Basic Prism - This virtual prism lets you see why Snell's Law can make that pretty spectrum of colors we see in the sky (Shockwave)
Battery & Light bulb (Shockwave)
Battery History
Beam Steering by Wedge Prisms (Java)
Beats - Vary two frequencies and see the corresponding beat pattern emerge (Java)
Beats Applet (Java)
Beginner's Guide to Aeronautics - NASA
Beginner's Guide to Physics
Bernoulli's Principle (Java)
Beginner's Guide to Aerodynamics
Bewegungsdiagramme - Rörelsediagram (Java)
Bi-Concave Lenses (Java)
Bi-Convex Lenses (Java)
Billiards of Molecules - What's the difference of gas, liquid and solid (Java)
Billiards (Java)
Bilmotor och motordetaljer - 3D Animations (Animations)
Birefringent Polarizing Prisms (Java)
BITESIZE for Science: Physics - BBC
Blackbody Radiation (Java)
Blackbody Spectrum - See the three main radiation laws in graphic action. (Java)
Blocks and center of gravity (Java)
Block and Tackle
Boat on River - Relative velocities in two dimensions (Java)
Boat on River - We control the velocities (Java)
Bohr Atom - Visualize the transitions in the hydrogen atom (Java)
Bohr's Theory of the Hydrogen Atom (Java)
Boil Water with Shockwave (Shockwave)
Bouncing Balls (Java)
Boston University ATLAS Education Website - Explaining the physics behind the CERN's high energy particle detector experiment ATLAS
Bouncing Ball - Conservation of Energy (Shockwave)
Bouncing Balls - Some balls bounce better than others (Java)
Box Modes - Sound waves in a 3-d box (Java)
Boyle's law model - Used to explore the relationship between pressure and volume of a gas at a constant temperature (Java)
Bragg's Law and Diffraction - How waves reveal the atomic structure of crystals (Java)
BrainPop - Pick a movie!
Brownian Motio (Java)
Brownian Motion (Shockwave)
Bubble FAQs
Building A Charge-Coupled Device (Java)
Building A Transistor (Java)
Build a Virtual Circuit - Allows placement of resistors, light bulbs, wires, ammeters and voltmeters (Shockwave)
Build Series & Parallel Circuits - The Ohm Zone Shockwave Applet (Shockwave)
Bungee Jumper Lab (Shockwave)
Buoyancy (Java)
Buoyant Force in Liquids - Lyftkraft på ett föremål i en vätska (Java)
Buoyant Force - Lyftkraften på ett föremål (Java)
Buoyant Force in Liquids (Java)
Cannon - Mechanics (Java)
Cannon- Welcome to the Ballistic Simulator (Java)
Capacitors - Solves all kinds of capacitor network problems (Java)
Carbon is 4 ever
Car Crash - Conservation of Momentum - Inelastic Collisions (Shockwave)
Car engine: main structure components - 3D animation
Car on a Track (Shockwave)
Carnot Cycle (Heat Engine)
Carnot Engine and Carnot Cycle (Java)
Center of Mass of an ensemble of point particles. (Java)
Central Forces - Applet shows the path of a particle under the influence of inverse square central force (Java)
Centripetal Acceleration (Java)
Centripetal Acceleration & Circular Motion (Java)
Centripetal Acceleration - A car being steered around a bend in the road (Java)
Centripetal Acceleration (Shockwave)
Changing Materials - BBC
Charged Particles Moving in a Magnetic Field - Demonstration (Java)
Charged particle in a Magnetic Field (Java)
Charged particle motion in E/M Field (Java)
Charges and Fields I - Put down "test charges" in an electromagnetic field to see how the pattern of the field appears (Java)
Charges and Fields II - Add, modify, and drag the charges that create the field to see how the test charges are affected (Java)
Charges and Fields III - Add terminals and "test charges" and drag things around to see how the forces change (Java)
Charging a Capacitor - After closing the switch, you can observe the time evolution of the charging of the capacitor (Java)
Charging And Discharging A Capacitor (Java)
Charles' Law - The pressure that a gas exerts on the walls of its container (Java)
Chemicalelements.com - Periodiskt system med flera olika valalternativ för information (Java)
Chemical Kinetics Simulation (Java)
Child on Merry-go-Round - Conservation of Angular Momentum (Shockwave)
Chromatic Aberration - Linser (Java)
Circle and Something More (Java)
Circuit Analysis for V, I, and R (Java)
Circuit Design Lab - An opportunity to experiment with the design of a particular circuit (Java)
Circular Membrane Oscillations - Waves in a 2-d circular membrane (Java)
Circular Wave
Circulation Motion and Centripetal Force (Java)
Circulation Motion and Centripetal Force (Java)
Cloud Boutique - Explanations and detailed pictures of some basic cloud forms
Cloud Classification
Cloudman's Mini Cloud Atlas
Clouds and Precepitation
CMOS gate demonstration - Demonstrates how CMOS transistors and basic gates work (Java)
College Physics for Students of Biology and Chemistry - An introductory physics hypertextbook
Collisions I (Java)
Collisions II (Java)
Collision Examples Using Animator
Color and Stellar Temperature (Java)
Color Box Applet - Farbmischung interaktiv mit JAVA (Java)
Color Box Applet (Java)
Color by Addition (Shockwave)
Color by Subtraction (Shockwave)
Color Filters (Java)
Color Matching Game - Tests your skill at matching colors (Java)
Color Separation (Java)
Color Temperature (Java)
Color Theory Web Site (Simulations)
Comatic Aberration - Linser (Java)
Combined Translation and Rotation (Java)
Common Optical Defects in Lens Systems (Aberrations)
Common Reflecting Prisms (Java)
Comparing/contrasting three projectiles with different starting conditions (Java)
Computational Physics -- 3rd/4th Year Option
Computer Aided Learning Fluid Dynamics
Computor animations of physical processes (MS Media Player)
Concave Mirrors - Real Images I (Java)
Concave Mirrors - Real Images II (Java)
Concave Mirrors - Virtual Images (Java)
Concave Spherical Mirrors (Java)
Concave Spherical Mirrors (3-D Version) (Java)
Conductivity, Resistivity, and Ohm's Law (Java)
Connecting Motion to Graphs (Java)
Conservation of Linear Momentum (Java)
Conservation of Mass, Charge and Energy
Conservation of Momentum - "Explosion to separate" (Java)
Conservation of Momentum in Different Inertial Frames (1D) (Java)
Conservation of Momentum in Different Inertial Frames (1D) (Java)
Conservation of Momentum - Initial energy of the "Explosion" (Java)
Conservation of Momentum - Jumping From a Cart (Shockwave)
Conservation of Momentum - Plaing Catch Ball in Space (Shockwave)
Conservation of Momentum - The Rocket Motion (Shockwave)
Conservation of Momentum - 2 Mass Elastic Collision (Java)
Conservation of Momentum - 2 Mass Inelastic Collision (Java)
Conservation of Momentum - 2 Mass Inelastic Collision - Center of Mass Technique (Java)
Constant Linear Acceleration (Java)
Constant Linear Velocity (Java)
Control The Nuclear Power Plant
Control The Nuclear Power Plant - Demonstration (Java)
Converging Lens Ray Trace Lab (Shockwave)
Converging on Optics - Interactive problem set - geometrisk optik (Java)
Conversion of energy - Falling object, potential energy: warmth, mass, height (Java)
Convex Mirrors (Java)
Convex Spherical Mirrors (Java)
Convex Spherical Mirrors (3-D Version) (Java)
Coriolis and Centrifugal Forces (Java)
Coulomb Force - Do like charges repel? Find out for yourself with this simulation (Shockwave)
Coulomb Forces - Like charges repel. See it for yourself with this simulation (Shockwave)
Coulomb's Law with multiple discrete charges (Java)
Coupled Harmonic Oscilation - The Oscilation of Two Carts With Three Springs (Java)
Coupled Oscillations (Java)
Coupled Oscillations - Demonstrates longitudinal wave motion in oscillators connected by springs (Java)
Coupled Oscillators - Masses on Springs (Java)
Coupled Oscillators - Transfer energy between two coupled oscillators (Java)
Coupled Pendula - Kopplade pendlar (Java)
Creating Charges with Friction - Triboelectricity
Crookes Tube: Cathode Rays (Java)
Cyclotron (Java)
CYM Color Mixing - Mix Colors additively (Java)
Damped Mass-on-a-Spring (Java)
Damped Oscillator - Mass on a spring with friction present (Java)
Das Hebelgesetz - Hävstången (Java)
Das Keplersche Fernrohr - Keplers kikare (Java)
Das Ohmsche Gesetz - Ohms lag (Java)
David's Whizzy Periodic Table (Java)
David's Whizzy Periodic Table - Click the box and see the orbital filling structure (Java)
Day & Night - Shows the day and night regions on a world map (Java)
DC Generator Action (Java)
Decibels (Java)
Deflection of Charges - Change the voltage on the deflector plates and see the deflection of the electron beam (Java)
Density Lab - Why do some things float and others don't? (Shockwave)
Der Drehstromgenerator (Java)
Der Karlsruher Wolkenatlas
Der Photoeffekt - Fotoeffekten (Java)
Der 2-Takt-Motor (Java)
Design Electronics
Deutscher Wetterdienst
Dicke Linse (Java)
Dielectric and Lens (Java)
Die Hochvakuum-Diode (Java)
Dielectric Plate Beamsplitters (Java)
Diesel-4-Takt-Motor (Java)
Diode Lasers (Java)
Diffraction - Generates a single-slit diffraction pattern (Java)
Diffraction of Light (Java)
Digital Circuit Simulation on the Web (Java)
Diod Laser (Shockwave)
Diploe Molecule & Charged Particle - Shows how an electric force will cause water molecules to "point" in a specific direction (Java)
Direct Current Electrical Motor (Java)
Diesel Engine and Diesel Cycle (Java)
Diesel Engine and Diesel Cycle - Thermodynamics (Java)
Discovery of the Electron
Dispersion in a Rainbow (Java)
Distribution of particle Speeds (Java)
Diver - A game that illustrates the ideal gas law and Archimeded' Principle (Java)
Doppler Effect - Moving Point source: Doppler effect and shock wave
Doppler Effect Applet (Java)
Doppler Effect - Visualization of the Doppler effect and Mach cones (Java)
Doppler Effect (1 source) - Watch sound waves that originate from a moving source (Shockwave)
Doppler Effect (2 sources) - Watch sound waves from two moving sources and the interference patterns that are created (Shockwave)
Doppler Effect, 2 Sources - With two sources so you can see interference patterns. (Shockwave)
Doppler's Effect - Shows Doppler's effect which is the change of frequency of a signal when the source of the signal moves either away from us or toward us (Java)
Doppler-Effekt, Überschall (Java)
Double Refraction (Java)
Double Slit Diffraction (Shockwave)
Double slit interference (Java)
Dr. Habib Hamam : Teaching with simulations
Driven Harmonic Motion (1 mass) - Apply a small driving force to a mass between two spring. Helps you understand natural and resonant frequencies (Shockwave)
Driven Harmonic Motion (2 masses) - Similar to above, but with an additional mass and spring. You can observe different modes of resonance (Shockwave)
Drop an object on a moving trolley - This is indeed an inelastic collision. Total momentum is conserved, but not KE. (Java)
Earth and Moon Viewer
Earth Energy Balance Model - Estimates the effect of changes in cloud cover and albedo on Earth's average temperature (Java)
Educational applets in Semiconductor Devices (Java)
Educational Software for University Freshman Physics - Välj "Simulation Samples", sedan "Rocket Simulation" or "Planck Function Simulation" (Java)
Effetto Joule (Java)
Ein Beispiel zum Doppler-Effekt (Java)
Ein erster Gang ins Internet - in Sachen Physik
Eine Tour durch die Welt der kleinen Teilchen
Einfache Wechselstromkreise - Enkla växelströmskretsar (Java)
Einführung in die Atom- und Kernphysik
Einstein's Explanation of Brownian Motion (Java)
Einstein's Legacy - See how some surprising 20th Century physics experiments show us that not everything is as it seems...
Einstein Revealed - Nova Online
Elastic and Inelastic Collisions (Java)
Elastic and Inelastic Collisions (Shockwave)
Elastic and Inelastic Collisions - Simulation of elastic and inelastic collisions between two masses (Java)
Elastic and Inelastic Impact - Elastisk och icke-elastisk stöt (Java)
Elastic collisions (Java)
Elastischer und unelastischer Stoß (Java)
Elastisk stöt - Testa hur två partiklar kolliderar med varandra (Java)
Electrical Circuits - Tar lång tid att ladda (Java)
Electrical Conductors - BBC
Electric charges - Allows you to see in a graphical way concepts like electric and potential fields (Java)
Electric Field (Java)
Electric Field between 2 Charges (Java)
Electric Field - Map and force on test charge - Electric Field Lines and Vectors (Shockwave)
Electric Field Patterns Between Two Static Charges (Java)
Electric field/Potential from charged Rings [erings] (Java)
Electric Field - Release of a test charge - Trajectory of a Positive Test Charge (Shockwave)
Electric Force Demo (Java)
Electric Force Fields (Java)
Electric Force (on a + test charge) along the X axis from a set of charges (Java)
Electicity - BBC
Electricity & Magnetism (Shockwave)
Electricity and magnetism demonstrations
Electricity - How it is generated, it's history
Electricity & Magnetism - Fantastisk lektion (Shockwave)
Electricity Online - Lessons - ThinkQuest
Electrodynamics - Tutorial
Electromagnetic Induction (Java)
Electromagnetic Radiation (Java)
Electromagnetic Spectrum I
Electromagnetic Spectrum II (Java)
Electromagnetic Waves (Java)
Electron-Bombarded Charge-Coupled Devices (Java)
Electron Excitation and Emission (Java)
Electron Orbit - Put an electron into orbit around a proton (Java)
Electroscope (Shockwave)
Electrostatics Lab Activities Explained
Electrostatic Potential (Java)
Elektromagnetism - VRML Gallery of Physics (VMRL)
Electron Configurations - Experience how electrons are added to the atomic shells (Java)
Electronics - An Onlide Guide for Beginners
Electron Gun - An example of accelerating a charge in a uniform electric field (Java)
Electron Orbital Filling - You practice filling the electron orbitals for atoms and ions given to you randomly
Electron Orbit - Put an electron into orbit around a proton (Java)
Electromagnetic Spectrum
Electromagnetic waves and circular dichroism - An animated tutorial (Java)
Electronic Circuit "Beans" Collection
Electron Orbit (Java)
Electrostatic (Simulations)
Electrostatic Potential Applet - Place charges and watch the resulting electrostatic potential distribution (Java)
Electrostatics Lab Activities Explained
Elektrisches Feld und Potential in 3D (Java)
Elektrischen Feld von beliebig vielen Ladungen (Java)
Elektrisches Feld von zwei Ladungen (Java)
Elektrisches Feld von zwei Punktladungen (Java)
Elektronik-Baukasten - Bygglåda för elektricitetslära (Java)
Elenergi i nätet - En samling med länkar till websidor som har anknytning till elkraft
Elektrische Kräfte (3 Versuche) (Java)
Elektrische Stromkreise
Elektromagnetismus (Java)
Elektro- Magnetismus - Många bra länkar
Elektronenconfiguratie (Java)
Elektrostatik: Influenz (Java)
Elektrostatik: Ladungstransport (Java)
Elemental Spectra - Periodic Table shown - Click on an element and see its spectrum (Java)
Element Concentration - Challenge your memory and your knowledge of the elements
Element Hangman - Discover which element the computer has picked by guessing the letters in its name
Element Matching Game
Element Math Game - Calculate the number of protons, neutrons or electrons in an atom based on information from the Periodic Table of Elements
Element Tables - Information on the elements (Java)
Elementary Meteorology - Online Guide to Meteorology
Elements - Look up the visible spectra of the elements (Java)
Elementymology & Elements Multidict
Emission Spectroscopy - Gas Lamps (Shockwave)
Encyclopedia of the Atmospheric Environment
Energia Potencial Gravitacional (Java)
Energy and Environment - Links and Resources for Energy and the Environment
Energy Band Creator - This program enables the user to understand the origin of energy bands in a solid (Shockwave)
Energy Diagram Explorer (Shockwave)
Energy Game - Navigate the monkey from one cliff to another by controlling his initial angle, intial velocity, and the gravitational acceleration (Java)
Energy Hotlist
Energy Levels of the Hydrogen Atom (Java)
Energy Matters
Energy of a Mass on a Spring (Shockwave)
Energy Quest - interactive materials for students at all elementary school levels
Energy Word Guess (Java)
En prognos blir till -SMHI
Enrico Fermi - Physicist
Entstehung von Wellen
E+M Box Modes - Electromagnetic waves in a 3-d box (Java)
E+M Waveguide Modes - Electromagnetic waves in a waveguide (Java)
En beskrivning av mekaniken med hjälp av Java (Java)
Equation of motion (Java)
Equilibrium Vapor Pressure (Java)
Equipotentials from point charges [equipotentials] (Java)
Erzwungene Schwingungen (Java)
Evaporative Cooling - See how evaporative cooling works, both in your coffee cup and in Bose-Einstein Condensation (Java)
Evaporative Cooling in a Bose-Einstein Condensation (Java)
Exercise A Two-Resistor Circuit (Java)
Exercise A Four-Resistor Circuit (Java)
Exercise, Induced Current (Java)
Exercise, Kirchhoff's Rules (Circuit 1) (Java)
Exercise, Kirchhoff's Rules (Circuit 2) (Java)
Exercise, Kirchhoff's Rules (Circuit 3) (Java)
Exercise, Kirchhoff's Rules (Circuit 4) (Java)
Exercise, Kirchhoff's Rules (Circuit 5) (Java)
Experience Math & Science with Gizmos - Stor samling (Shockwave)
Experimentarium i Köpenhamn
Experimentbank för flickor och pojkar och deras lärare - En samling av enkla experiment utformade för elever på mellanstadiet
Experiment with Bob
Experiment with satellites around the Earth (Shockwave)
Explore Science - Bl.a. Enkelt prisma, konvex lins, dopplereffekten, interferensmönster, Lissajous' figurer, svävningar, elektrostatiska krafter, reaktionstidsmätning, uppskattning av tid, röntgenstrålning, ultraljud (Java)
Explore the Marvel of the Automobile - How cars work
Exploring Gravity - An interactive tutorial on a selection of topics related to gravity
Exploring the Table of Isotopes - The Berkeley Laboratory Isotopes Project's
E=MC2 - Einstein Explains the Equivalence of Energy and Matter
Factors Affecting Capacitance (Java)
Fadenpendel (Java)
Falling Ball - Conservation of Energy (Shockwave)
"Fall of the Leaning Tower"
Famous Scientists and Mathematicians (Java)
Faraday's Magnetic Field Induction Experiment I (Java)
Faraday's Magnetic Field Induction Experiment II (Java)
Faraday's Magnetic Field Induction Experiment III (Java)
Fastball Reaction Time - Reaktionstid
Federpendel - Fjäderpendel (Java)
Feldlinienbilder beliebig verteilter Ladungen (Java)
Fermilab - Fermilab is a high-energy physics laboratory
Fiber Optics (Java)
Field Curvature - Avbildningsfel i linssystem (Java)
Field Lines - Drag two variable charges and watch the field lines (Java)
Find focal length of converging mirror given a source (Java)
Find the fastest Path (Java)
Find Your Longitude (Shockwave)
Flaschenzug - Mekanik, Olika block (Java)
Floating Log - f a log is 2 m in radius and 10 m long, how much weight can I put on it without it sinking? (Shockwave)
Fluids Movie Archive - MPEG clips demonstrate fluid dynamics
Fluorescence (Shockwave)
Fluorescence Spectroscopy (Shockwave)
Fluoroscope - Drag the viewing frame around to "see" through the hand using x-rays (Java)
Flute Acoustics
FoilSim - A simulated view of a wing being tested in a wind tunnel (Java)
Folkkamp mot kärnkraft - kärnvapen
Force and motion - It gives a visual relationship between velocity and acceleration (Java)
Force and Work (Shockwave)
Force and Work - Work you have to do against the forces of gravity and/or friction (Java)
Forced Oscillations - Applet shows an oscillating body (Java)
Forced Oscillations - Resonance (Java)
Forces: Gravity / Friction - BBC
Forces: Magnetism - BBC
Forces: Spring/Direction - BBC
Force on a Moving Charge: a Mass-Spectrometer (Java)
Formation of Beats (Java)
Foucault Pendulum
Foundations of Electronics - Physics
Fourier Series Applet - Frequency analysis of periodic functions (Java)
Fourier Synthesis (Java)
Fourier Synthesis (Java)
Four-stroke Combustion Engine (Java)
Four-stroke cycle - Fyr-taktsmotorn (Java)
Four-stroke cycle - Fyr-taktsmotorn (Java)
Four Stroke Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) (Java)
Franck-Hertz Experiment (Shockwave)
Frank Potter's Science Gems - Collection of 14,000 WWW resources appropriate for the classroom
Frank Potter's Science Gems - Earth Science I
Frank Potter's Science Gems - Earth Science II
Frank Potter's Science Gems - Engineering
Frank Potter's Science Gems - Physical Science I
Frank Potter's Science Gems - Physical Science II
Frank Potter's Science Gems - Physical Science III
Free-body Force Diagram (Java)
Free Electron Laser (Java)
Free fall I (Java)
Free fall II (Shockwave)
Free fall III (Java)
Free Fall and Air Resistance - Newton's Second Law of Motion
Freefall Lab - Terminal Velocity - Did you ever think of all the physics involved when you drop a ball (or an expensive plate)? (Shockwave)
Free Fall - Earth and moon demo (Java)
Free Fall Motion (Java)
Free Rolling and Circular Motion (Java)
Free Rolling and Circular Motion (Java)
Frequency Response of a High-Pass Filter (Java)
Frequency Response of a Low-Pass Filter (Java)
Fresnel Diffraction (Java)
Fresnel Diffraction - Generates Fresnel diffraction patterns (Java)
Fresnel Diffraction - Single Slit (Java)
Fresnel Diffraction - Straight Edge Diffraction (Java)
Frictional force (Java)
Fricitional force and motion (Java)
Friction, Forces, and Inclined Planes (Java)
Fråga en fysiker
Fråga en strålningsfysiker
Fu-Kwun Hwang's 'Virtual Pysics Java Laboratory' (Java)
Fun Science Gallery - Proposes experimental activities, it addresses to amateur scientists and to the world of the school
Fundamental SI-units (English and German)
Fundamental Particles and Interactions
Fundamentals of Physical Geography
Fun House Mirrors (Java)
Fun Science Gallery
Fun with Oscilloscopes - Sometimes it's just fun to play with pretty patterns (Java)
FusEdWeb - Fusion Energy Educational Web Site
Fusion Energy
Fusion Energy and Plasma Physics - Topics for your High School Classroom
Fusion Energy Educational Web Site - Physics of a Fundamental Energy Source - An online interactive course on fusion
Fusion - Interactive Physics Module (Shockwave)
Fusion - Physics of a fundamental energy source Interactive Tutorial
Fusion Slide Show
Fysikkforsøk for videregående skoler
Fysik på Liseberg
Fysikaliska konstanter
Färgkoder - Resistorer
Galileo Galilei
Galileo Galileis fallförsök - Från det Lutande Tornet i Pisa
Galileo Galilei's Notes on Motion
Galileo Galileis fallförsök - Från det Lutande Tornet i Pisa
Gallery of Electromagnetism (VRML)
Gamla mått och vikter
Gas laws model (Java)
Gas Laws - The state of a gas can be defined by four properties: quantity, volume, temperature and pressure (Java)
Gas Laws Tutor (Java)
Gasmodell (Java)
Gas Molecules Simulation - Demonstrates the kinetic theory of gases (Java)
Gekoppelte Pendel (Java)
General Physics Java Applets- Dynamics: Block on an inclined plane, Collisions, Centre of Mass, Roll, hit and slip, Angular momentum, Kepler's laws, Central forces (Java)
General Physics Java Applets - Electricity: Electric Field Lines, Charges in a Magnetic Field, Charge in Magnetic & Electric Fields (Java)
General Physics Java Applets- Kinematics : River and Boat, Where to Where, Catch Up, Avoid the Crash, Rolling and Slipping, Relative Motion, Circle and Something More, Combined Translation and Rotation, Moving on a Disc (Java)
General Physics Java Applets - Optics: Refraction through a prism, Spherical Mirrors & Lenses, Young's Double Slit Experiment, Single Slit Diffraction (Java)
General Physics Java Applets - Oscillations: Simple Harmonic motion, Phase, Phase Difference, Forced Oscillations, Lissajous Figures (Java)
General Physics Java Applets - Waves: Transverse Waves, Longitudinal Waves, Harmonics, Beats, Ripple Tank, Doppler Effect (Java)
Generate wave on a bounded string - Resonance occurs as driving frequency matches with a natural frequency (Java)
Generating Waveforms with Vectors (Java)
Generating Pulses (Java)
Generator (Java)
Geometrical Construction of Ray Diagrams - Linser (Java)
Geometrical Distortion - Avbildningsfel i linssystem (Java)
Geometrical Optics (Java)
Georgs Wetterzentrale
Gleichgewicht dreier Kräfte - Jämvikt, tre krafter (Java)
Gleichstrom - Elektromotor (Java)
Global Warming Web Site - Concerning all aspects of global warming and the actions which could be taken to help minimize its risks
Glossary of basic physics terms
Glossary of Renewable Energy Terms and Phrases
Golf Range Lab (Shockwave)
Golf Range - Lets you study the range equation in a "golf" like setting. A bit more of a challenge when you use the "air" option (Shockwave)
GraphLab - Playing around with the parameters (x0, v0, and a) of the simple kinematic equations for motion in 1D with constant acceleration (Java)
Graphing Vector Calculator (Java)
Gratis Väder
Gratis Väderprognos
Gravity and Inertia - Gravitation och tröghet
Gravity Simulator (Java)
Gravity and Planetary Obits (Java)
Great science stuff _ teacher's guides - Kortfattade förklaringar på en mängd olika vardagliga företeelser inom naturvetenskap och teknik
Grouping and Classifying Materials - BBC
Half Life and Radioactive Decay (Shockwave)
Hands-On Atom - You can excite a hydrogen atom from its ground state to its first or second excited state and then watch it decay (Java)
Hands On CERN - Partikelacceleration
Harmonic Oscillators and Waves (Java)
Harmonisk oscillator - Undersöka en harmonisk oscillator och dess rörelse (Java)
Helium Neon Laser (Shockwave)
High Pressure Laboratory - Terform temperature-pressure experiments on a selected substance in order to determine the conditions under which particular phases of that substance are stable (Java)
History of Science on the World Wide Web
History of Space Exploration
History of the Light Microscope
History Of The Microscope
How A Battery Works
How A Compact Disc Works (Java)
How a Car Engine Works - Ever wonder what happens to the gasoline once you fill the tank? (Java)
How a lens draws the image - På italienska (Java)
How A Hard Drive Works (Java)
How A Metal Detector Works (Java)
How a mirror draws the image (Java)
How A Speaker Works (Java)
How a Thermos Works - How does it know to keep the hot stuff hot and the cold stuff cold???
How Batteries Work - Learn all about batteries!
How can we see the structure of atom? (Java)
How Car Engines Work
How Compasses Work
How Diesel Engines Work - Why do Diesel engines get better mileage than gasoline engines? Here's the answer! (Java)
How Diesel Two-Stroke Engines Work - Huge Diesel Two-Stroke Engines power everything from locomotives to cruise ships!
How Electric Motors Work - Electric motors are everywhere so it's fun to know how they work! (Java)
How Emergency Power Systems Work - Learn all about gasoline powered generators and inverters so that you can make power failures a thing of the past!
How Gas Turbine Engines Work- What's going on inside a large jet engine as you are cruising along at 30,000 feet? Now you'll know! (Java)
How Gears Work - Explains what all the gears you see are doing!
How Refrigerators Work
How Steam Engines Work - - Learn about the steam engines that drive a steam locomotive! (Java)
How Stuff Works - Är du nyfiken på hur saker fungerar? - Här får du förklaringar
How Thermometers Work - You see thermometers everywhere - Now learn how to make your own!
How to use a compass
How to verify Biot-Savart Law (Java)
How Transistors are made (Java)
Human Eye Accommodation (Java)
Human Vision and Color Perception (Java)
Huygens' principle (Java)
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Basics (Java)
Hydrogen Spectroscopy (Shockwave)
Hydrostatic Pressure in Liquids - In this Java simulation the hydrostatic pressure of a liquid is measured with an U-tube manometer (Java)
Hypermedia textbook for Elementary School - Epecially for students in grades 3-5
Hypermedia Textbook for Grades 6-12
Hysteresis Simulation - Klicka på ett värde för R (Java)
Ideal Atmosphere (Java)
Ideal Gas - Explore the equatiuon pV=nRT (Java)
ILSE - Das Interaktive Lernsystem für erneuerbare Energien
Image Formation by a Diverging Lens - Bildalstring i en konkav lins (Java)
Image Formation by a Diverging Mirror - Bildalstring i en konvex spegel (Java)
Image Formation with Converging Lenses - Linslagen (Java)
Image Formation with Diverging Lenses - Linslagen (Java)
Images of Physicists
Imagine the Science - The Science Section of Imagine the Universe
Impact and Gravity Simulator (Java)
Impact and Gravity Simulator, v 2.2 (Java)
Impedance of series RLC circuits (Shockwave)
Inclined Plane I (Java)
Inclined Plane II (Shockwave)
Inclined Plane III (Java)
Inclined Planes and Frictional Forces (Java)
Inclined Planes and Frictional Forces - Cow on roller skates (Java)
Index of Inventors - An alphabetical list of famous inventors, with a biography on each
Induced Current - You can distort the shape of the coil by dragging the coil with the mouse. An induced current arises (Java)
Induction - Be Michael Faraday for a while (Java)
Inductor - It explores the role of inductance in a circuit. (Java)
Information om olika energikällor och länkar till andra energisidor på nätet
Infra-Red Detector Spectroscopy (Shockwave)
Innføring i vektorrekning
Instantaneous Speed (Java)
Instantaneous Velocity (Java)
Institut für Meteorologie der Freien Universität Berlin
Intensity for a "Real" Double Slit (Java)
Interaction of Photons with Silicon (Java)
Interactive Amplitude Modulation Model (Java)
Interactive Force Field - You can add, modify, and drag the charges that create the field to see how the test charges are affected (Java)
Interactive Science Education - Online experiments in mechanics, density, genetics and plasma, including a frictionless inclined plane with sliding object
Interactive Science Exercises
Interactive Session Atoms
Interactive Sound Lab (Java)
Interesting properties of projectile motion (Java)
Interference between two waves - (point source) (Java)
Interference Between Two Sinusoidal Waves (Java)
Interference in a Ripple Tank (Java)
Interference of Sinusoidal Waveforms (Java)
Interference of water waves 1 (Java)
Interference of water waves 2 (Java)
Interference Patterns - Another view of interference patterns from a "standing" wave. (Shockwave)
Interference: The Double Slit Experiment (Java)
Interference - Ämnesområde Optik (Java)
Interference of two Circular or Spherical Waves (Java)
Interference of water waves - It illustrates how the path difference determines the kind of interference (Java)
Interference - Move two circular wave patterns and watch th patterns (Java)
Interferenzmuster - Interferensmönster (Java)
Internet History of Science Sourcebook
Intrinsic Local Modes - A chain of particles of mass m where the nearest-neighbors are connected by the anharmonic springs (Java)
Introduction to Electronics - Grades 10 to 12
Introduction to Lasers (Java)
Introduction to Mechanics (Java)
Introduction to Newtonian Mechanics (Java)
Introduction to Physics 1 - Mechanics (Java)
Introduction to Waves - Wave Amplitude, Wavelength, Phase Shift (Java)
Intro to E & M - This activity is designed to introduce 7-9th grade students to electricity and magnetism (Shockwave)
Intro to Plasma - Designed to introduce 7-9th grade students to plasma physics, matter, electricity, and magnetism (Shockwave)
Inventors and Inventions - Enchanted Learning
In which direction will it roll? (Java)
iPhysics - Experiment i java (Java)
IPIN - Ein interaktives Physiklehrbuch (Java)
IPPEX - An introduction to Fusion
IPPEX Interactive Physics Modules
IR Detector (Shockwave)
Isaac Newton (1642-1727) - A thorough bigraphy, easy to read and amusing
Isaac Newton Resources - Links to different Newton sites, telling you everything you ever wanted to know about him
Isaac Newton - Länksamling
Ising modell - En teori för ferromagnetiska material (Java)
Ishihara Color Blindness Test (Java)
ITSC Fluids Movie Archive - MPEG clips demonstrate fluid dynamics
It's Elemental - An interactive Periodic Table of Elements listing basic physical and historical information
It's Elemental - Element Flash Cards - Learn the names and symbols of the elements with this flash card game
It's Elemental - Element Hangman - Discover which element the computer has picked by guessing the letters in its name
It's Elemental - Element Matching Game - Learn the names and symbols of the elements by matching an element's name to its symbol
It's Elemental - Element Math Game - Students calculate the number of protons, neutrons or electrons in an atom based on information from the Periodic Table of Elements
It's Elemental - Play this great elements math game to learn more about protons, neutrons, electrons, and the periodic table.
Java Applets on Semiconductor Physics - 8 applets dedicated to the area of semi-conductor physics covering topics including p-n junction electrostatics, calculation of Fermi level/n and p, and hetrojunction band diagrams (Java)
Jet WWW Index Page - Fusion
Journey into the Atom
Kastbana (Java)
Kastparabeln - Du skall skjuta iväg en kanonkula, försöka träffa en måltavla (Java)
Kernphysik - Teilchen - Många bra länkar
Kinematic Graphing (Shockwave)
Kinematics I (Java)
Kinematics II (VMRL, Java)
Kinematics Example (Java)
Kinetic & Potential energy (animated) (Java)
Kinetic Energy (Java)
Kinetic Theory Simulation - Change the temperature and volume of a gas and watch the number of collisions with the wall (Java)
Klimaerwärmung - Ja oder nein
Klimat och väder
Kolbendampfmaschine (Java)
Kunskapsbanken: Fysik - Arkivet: bläddra bland frågorna om Fysik
Laser Cavity Resonance Modes and Gain Bandwidth (Java)
Laser Cooling - See how lasers can be used to "cool" matter by slowing down atoms. In three parts. (Java)
Laser Energy Levels (Java)
Laser Fundamentals (Java)
Laser History
Laser Information
Laser - Diode Laser (Shockwave)
Laser Fundamentals (Java)
Laser - Helium-Neon Laser (Shockwave)
Laser - Ruby Laser (Shockwave)
Law of Reflection and Refraction (Java)
Laws of Reflection (Java)
Laws of Reflection (Shockwave)
Learn Physics Today - Interaktivt läromedel
Learn how glasses can help fix problems with our eyesight
Learn Physics Today - Online Tutorial
LED Spectroscopy (Shockwave)
Lehrmittel: Spektroskopie
Lens Combination - Change the focal length of a lens combination. (Java)
Lens effects - (See a picture through a lens) (Java)
Lenses & RayTracing - Bildkonstruktion i linser (Java)
Lens from ExploreScience - Simulates a 'thin converging lens' and shows the 3 basic rays that you can 'trace' to find the image (Java)
Lens - Investigate how the object position and focal length affect the image produced (Java)
Lens/Mirror Optics Bench (Java)
Lens Shape: Effect on Lens Action Flash Tutorial (Java)
Lenz's Law (Java)
Lessons In Electric Circuits
Lessons on Electricity
Lessons on Electrostatics
Lessons on Forces
Lessons on Magnetism
Lessons on Modern Physics
Lessons on Motion
Lessons on Nuclear Physics
Let's make a solar system - The sun, the planet and the moon attract each other by universal gravitation (Java)
Let's play with a planet! - The sun and the planet attract each other by universal gravitation (Java)
Let's play with colored balls just like Quarks (Java)
Let's play with three balls - This condition is just like a image of Quarks inside proton (Java)
Lever Principle - Hävstångslagen (Java)
Levitating (Or Not) Magnet Applet (Java)
Lexikon - Teilchenphysik - Alphabetische Übersicht
Lexikon zur Kernenergie
Lichtbrechung - Ljusets brytning (Java)
Life, the Universe, and the Electron
Life, the Universe and the Electron
Light - BBC
Light: a myriad of colors.. - Why Things Have Color (Java)
Light and Optics - An examination of the concept of light and optics
Light Dispersion through a Glass Prizm (Java)
Light Emitting Diodes (Java)
Lightning: A Natural Capacitor (Java)
Lightning: An Example Of A Natural Capacitor (Java)
Light: Particle or a Wave?
Linked Pendula (Java)
Lissajous Figures - Can you really make a figure 8 with electrical signals? Find out here. (Shockwave)
Lissajous Lab (Java)
Lissajous-Pendel (Java)
Live The Physics - A study aid for physics (Java)
Longitudinal and Transverse Wave Motion (Java)
Longitudinal Standing Wave - You can adjust the number of nodes (Java)
Longitudinal travelling wave - Some students mistakenly correspond compressions/rarefactions in a longitudinal wave to crests/troughs in a transverse wave. This applet helps to explain. (Java)
Longitudinal Wave - Reflection of Longitudinal Wave from a Boundary (Java)
Longitudinal Wave - Why do we hear echos? How does a sound wave travel through the atmosphere? (Shockwave)
Lorentz Force I - Observe the deflection of a beam of charged particles in a magnetic field (Java)
Lorentz Force II - Lorentz force, exerted on a current-carrying conductor swing in the magnetic field of a horseshoe magnet (Java)
Lorentzkraft auf einen stromdurchflossenen Leiter - Krafter på en strömgenomfluten ledare (Java)
Luftkissenfahrbahn (2. Newtonsches Gesetz) - Luftkuddebana(Newtons andra lag) (Java)
Magnetic Field Lines (Java)
Magnetic Fields and Compass Orientation (Java)
Magnification with a Bi-Convex Lens
Magnetic Fields and Compass Orientation (Java)
Magnetic force on a current-carrying wire (F=NBil) (Java)
Making Matter - The atomic structure of materials
Making Waves (Simulations)
Making X-rays (Java)
Mark's Quantum Mechanics Applets (Java)
Markus Atom & Kärnfysik-skola
Mass on a String - Pendulum (Java)
Mass on a Spring - Study the classical oscillator (Java)
Mass-Spring & Energy (Java)
Matematisk Pendel (Java)
Materials - BBC
Math and Physics Applets (Java)
MathMol - Marvis Rich's Mathematics and Molecules Multimedia show
Matter & Energy
Matter - Interactive introduction to basics (Shockwave)
Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution - JAVA Simulation of the Ideal Gas (Java)
Maxwellian Velocity Distribution - Ballon(Thermodynamics) (Java)
Measure It! - A game (Avläsning på en linjals skala)
Measurements Converter - Measurements available for conversions: Weight , Capacity and volume , Length , Area , Speed, Pressure, Temperature, Circular measure, Time
Measurement Uncertainty - Demonstrates the uncertainty in the measurement of a signal in the presence of an interfering signal at the same frequency but with an unknown phase (Java)
Measuring Current (Java)
Measuring the Speed of Light (Java)
Measuring Voltage (Java)
Measuring With Shadows (Java)
Mechanics (Simulations)
Mechanics - Course Outline - A complete course in classical mechanics for college freshmen
Mekanik (Java)
Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (MOS) Capacitor Applet (Java)
Meteorology A to Z - Sing the song to learn all about meteorology, such as C is for condensation and U is for ultraviolet rays. With sound files
Michael Faraday
Microwave Oven - Try "nuking" some marshmallows in a microwave oven and see how they cook at different rates in different parts of the oven (Java)
Middle School Quizzes - Science, Geography, Math
Milestones of wind energy utilization
Millikans oljedroppsförsök (Java)
Min/Max Thermometer - In an effort to record daily temperatures, a min/max thermometer is commonly used. This module will let you see if you can determine the current, minimum, and maximum daily temperature. (Shockwave)
Mirror and Image (Java)
Mirror Ray Tracing Demo (Java)
Mirrors (Java)
Mirrors & RayTracing - Bildkonstruktion i spegel (Java)
Mississippi State Physics Java Simulations (Java)
Model of a Carousel - Centripetal Force (Java)
Models of the Atom
Molecular Dynamics Simulations (Java)
Molecular Model for an Ideal Gas (Java)
Molecular Model of a Mixed Gas (Java)
Molecular Model for an Ideal Gas (Java)
Molecular Workbech 2DTM (Java)
Molecules In Motion (Java)
Moln - SMHI
Moln - Välj: Meteorologi - Tolka moln
Molecular Model for an Ideal Gas (Java)
Molecular Model for an Ideal Gas (Java)
Molnhimlens utseende förändras ständigt - Genom att studera molnen kan man få en bild av atmosfärens tillstånd
Moment of Inertia - A lab where you can learn about rotational inertia (Shockwave)
Momentum (Shockwave)
Momentum and Its onservation
Momentum Game - Propell the Indian across the lake by shooting his bow and arrow (Java)
Momentum in 2 Dimensions - Tutorial
Momentum Lessons
Moon Phases (Java)
More advanced weather observation techniques
More Science than Mathematics - Zona Land (Java)
Most popular biographies
Motional emf - Roll a rod to and fro to cut across a B-field. It helps students to learn Faraday's law of induction. (Java)
Motion in an electromagnetic field (Java)
Motion in Horizontal Circles
Motion in Vertical Circles
Motion of a Ping-Pong (Java)
Motion of Ideal Gas Molecules in a cylinder (Java)
Motion of oscillators coupled by springs (Java)
Motion under different kinds of force (Java)
Motion with Constant Acceleration (Java)
Moving Point source - Doppler effect (Shockwave)
Moving Point source: Doppler effect (Shockwave)
Moving Waves
Mr. Solar Home Page - 100 articles on alternative energy
Multimedia Activities - Explore Science - Helps students visualize, experiment, and interact with many of the major concepts in science Shockwave
Multimedia Physics Studios - A collection of GIF animations and accompanying explanations of major physics concepts
Multimedia-physiks studio - Collection of GIF animations
Multimeter VOM (Java)
Multiple Images - Plane Mirror (Java)
Multiple sources interference pattern (Java)
Musée des arts et métiers - Paris
Museum med Populärvetenskap för barn
Museum of Physics Department
Mått och Vikt - SP Sveriges Provnings- och Forskningsinstitut
National Inventors Hall of Fame Index of Inventions
Natural Radioactive Series - Offers an interactive representation of radioactive decay (Th232, Pu241, U238, U235) (Java)
Natural Radioactivity (Java)
Negative Meniscus Lenses (Java)
NetScience: Physics
Newton's Apple
Newton's Cannon - Fire a cannon from a high mountain it could fall, circle the earth, or fly away depending on how hard it was fired (Java)
Newton's Laws (Java)
Newton's Cradle - Newton's vagga (Java)
Newton's Laws (Shockwave)
Newton's Laws - A quiz about Isaac Newton's three famous laws of motion
Newton's Laws of Motion
Newton's Second Law Experiment (Java)
Newton's Second Law Experiment - Luftkuddebanan (Java)
Newtons Wiege - Energieerhaltung und Impulserhaltung bei vollkommen elastischen Stößen demonstrieren (Java)
Newton's 3rd Law (Java)
Nobel Laureates in Physics 1901 - 1997
Nobel Prize Internet Archive - Information on Nobel Laureates
NOT gate - A NOT gate is used with a potential divider to switch on a buzzer automatically (Java)
NPN transistor common emitter configuration amplifier - Change the resistances in the circuit to adjust dc values, so as to get a nondistorted output. (Java)
Nuclear Chain Reaction - Put a neutron into a reactor and watch it explode (Java)
Nuclear Fission
Nuclear Fusion Basics
Nuclear Isotope Half-lifes - Find out the half-lifes of all known isotopes (Java)
Nuclear Physics - Med simuleringar
Nuclear Physics: Past, Present and Future
Nuclear ((Simulations)
Observe the spectrum of a gas (Shockwave)
Observe the absorption spectrum of an LED (Shockwave)
Ohm's Law I (Java)
Ohm's Law II (Java)
Ohm's Law III
Ohm's Law IV (Shockwave)
Ohm's Law III (Java)
Ohm's Law IV (Shockwave)
Ohm's Law V (Java)
Ohm's Law VI - Choose right resistance with given amperage (Java)
Ohm's Law VII (Shockwave)
Ohms Law Tutorial - NASA
Ohms Law - If you know the relationship between Voltage, Resistance and Current, you can solve for one of them if the other two are known
Ohm Zone - Here you can build any circuit you want (Shockwave)
One Dimensional Elastic Collisions (Java)
One-dimensional collision (Java)
One Dimensional Elastic Collisions (Java)
One-dimensional one-atom gas (Java)
One-dimensional one-atom gas - Describes a single atom gas moving in one dimension. It accelerates or decelerates only through classical collisions with the moving piston on its containe (Java)
One dimensinsional motion (Java)
One-Dimensional Motion
One-dimensional one-atom gas - A single atom bounces elastically in a one-dimensional cavity. It will continue to bounce at the same speed forever if the piston does not move (Java)
One-D motion - Displacement, velocity, acceleration (Java)
One-D motion - Displacement, velocity, acceleration (Java)
Online Experiments - Experiments you can do right now, right where you are...
Online Meteorology Guide
Online Microscopes - Images and descriptions of over 40 microscopes, ranging from the 1760s through the 1920s
On-Line Renewable Energy Education Module
Optical Light Bench (Java)
Optical Molasses - How multiple laser beams can be used to actually cool and confine atoms (Java)
Optical Raytracting Applet - Allows a basic optical system comprising a lens/mirror, a beam, object and aperture to be constructed and raytraced (Java)
Optic Bench - Allows users to simulate standard optic elements (lens, mirror, dielectrics, sources, apertures) and observe the ways that light rays propagate through these elements (Java)
Optics (Simulations)
Optics Bench (Java)
Optics for Kids - This area of physics is explained in an easy to understand format
Optics Lesson - Introduction
Optics model for an Astronomical Telescope (inverted image) (Java)
Optics model for a Simple Microscope (Java)
Optics model for a Spyglass or "Terrestrial" Telescope (Java)
Optische Bank - Linsensystem, Spiegel, usw. (Java)
Optische Bank - Linsensystem, Spiegel, usw. - Tar lång tid att ladda hem (Java)
Orbit (Java)
Orbit - Put your very own satellite into orbit (Java)
Orbital Mechanics II (Java)
Orbit Simulator - Is it really that difficult to get planets orbiting around a sun? (Shockwave)
Orbit - With this applet you can put your own satellite into orbit around Earth (Java)
Oscillation and wave - Spring (Java)
Oscillation and Wave - A spring with a mass m attached to it is slightly stretched or compresses with displacement x (Java)
Oscillating 3D Crystal (Java)
Oscillating Membrane (Java)
Oscillator - Spring with Mass (Java)
Oscilloscope - Lissajous figurer (Java)
Osmosis - The phenomenon of water flow through a semi permeable membrane that blocks the transport of salts or other solutes through it
Otto Engine and Cycle Cycle (Java)
Otto-Motor (Prinzip) (Java)
Otto-4-Takt-Motor (Java)
Overtones Applet (Java)
Ozon og drivhuseffekten
Particle and Wave Diffraction (Java)
Particle and Wave Refraction (Java)
Particle and Wave Reflection (Java)
Particle Physics Education Sites
Particle Physics Timeline
Particles Diffusion (Java)
Particle Speeds and Temperature (Java)
Pendeln - Undersöka en pendel och dess rörelse (Java)
Pendulum I - Pendeln (Java)
Pendulum II - Den enkla pendeln (Java)
Pendulum III (Java)
Pendulum IV - Tar lång tid att ladda hem. Men är värd att vänta på (Java)
Pendulum V (Java)
Pendulum VI (Shockwave)
Pendulum and Oscillating Spring (Shockwave)
PendulumJava Applet (Java)
Pendulum Lab (Java)
Perfect Lens Characteristics (Java)
Perfect Two-Lens System Characteristics (Java)
Periodensystem der Elemente - Von Uni Terra
Periodic Table I (Java)
Periodic Table II
Periodic Table Applet (Java)
Perriodic Table - Chemical Elements.com
Periodic Table of the Elements
Periodic Tables - Länksamling
Periodiska systemet
Periodiska systemet - Med utförlig beskrivning av grundämnena på svenska
Phased Array (Sneak Peek) - This simulates a phased array, where you can change the frequency between the four wave sources (Shockwave)
Phase Difference - The purpose of the applet is to highlight phase difference (Java)
Phases of Matter
Phase Transition Temperatures - Change the temperature and watch all elements in the periodic table melt and boil (Java)
Phosphorescence (Shockwave)
Photo Effect - Study the photo-electric effect with three different materials and variable light (Java)
Photoelectric Effect I
Photo Electric Effect II (Java)
Photoelectric effect III (Java)
Photoelectric Effect IV (Java)
Photomultiplier Tubes (Java)
Photosynthesis I
Photosynthesis II (Java)
Physical hotlist - Länksamling
Physical Processes - BBC
Physics Help
Physikalische Denkspiele - Aufgaben und Lösungen ausgefallener Probleme
Physical Reference Data - This site links to physical constants, units, conversion factors, spectroscopic data, and much more
Physical Science Hotlist - Fysiklänkar
Physics 1 Online Course - A complete course in classical mechanics for college freshmen
Physics Biographies - Biographies of the big names in Physics reaching back to Aristotle and forward to Modern Physics
Physics demonstrations - A Sourcebook for Teachers of Physics
Physics FAQ
Physics Help - Many excellent tutorials
Physics Humor on the Web
Physics in Action (Java)
Physics Lecture Demonstrations
Physics News Graphics
Physics Quiz
Physics Quiz Activities & Games
Physics Simulations - Page is intended to include links to Java and Shockwave simulations from around the world
Physics Time-Line
Physics Turorials
Physics - 101Science.com - Welcome to our physics learning page
Physics 100 - Virtual Laboratory - En länksamling med applets (Java)
Physics 2000 - An interactive journey through modern physics
Physik-Quiz - Aufgaben und Probleme aus der Physik
Physlets - Small flexible Java applets designed for science education (Java)
Piano - Play the piano and see the frequencies (Java)
Planck Radiation Formula (Java)
Planetary Motion (Java)
Planetenbewegung - Planetrörelse (Java)
Plano Concave Lenses - Object Facing Curved Surface
Plano Concave Lenses - Object Facing Flat Surface (Java)
Plano Convex Lenses - Object Facing Curved Surface - Interactive Java Tutorial (Java)
Plano Convex Lenses - Object Facing Curved Surface (Java)
Planets of the Solar System (Java)
PN Junction Diode under Bias (Java)
Polarization of Light
Porlarization of Light II (Java)
Polarizer (Java)
Polarizers - Put 1, 2, or 3 linear polarizers onto an optical bench and let a beam of unpolarized light pass through them (Java)
Polarizing Filter (Java)
Polarizing Lenses (Java)
Portrait of an Atom
Position, velocity, and acceleration in uniform circular motion (Java)
Position vs. Time (Java)
Positive Meniscus Lenses - Positive meniscus lenses are designed to minimize spherical aberration (Java)
Potential & Kinetic Energy (Java)
Potential Energy (Java)
PowerHouse (Shockwave)
Powers of Ten (Java)
Pressure Chamber - Piston demo of Ideal Gas Law (Java)
Principle of superposition (1) (Java)
Principle of superposition (2) (Java)
Probability Illustrator - The relationship between the wave function and probability (Shockwave)
Projektilbana - Möjlighet att undersöka hur en satellits hastighet påverkar dess bana runt jorden (Java)
Projectile Motion - Tutorial
Projectile motion I (Java)
Projectile Motion II - Shoot a cannon to see how high and far the ball flies (Java)
Projectile Motion III (Java)
Projectile Motion IV - Two Cannons - different heights (Java)
Projectile Motion V (Java)
Projectile Motion VI - A stone is being thrown from the top of a cliff which is 60 metres high to the ground below (Java)
Projectile Motion VII - Fire a projectile at a user specified angle and initial velocity (Java)
Projectile motion VIII - Throw an object at a high place (Java)
Projectil motion IX (Shockwave)
Projectile Motion - Pirates (Java)
Projectile Orbits and Satellite orbits (Java)
Projectiles and Drag (Java)
Projecting Shadows
Propagation of Electromagnetic Wave (Java)
Properties of Light
Properties of Matter - Fantastisk lektion om materians minsta delar (Shockwave)
Propogation of Electromagnetic Wave (Java)
Propulsion Index - NASA
Protons, Electrons and Neutrons - Lets you determine the number of protons, electrons, and neutrons in an atom or ion (Java)
Pulley (Java)
Pulley - Enkla maskiner, blocket (Java)
Pulley System - Olika slag av block (Java)
Quantum Physics Online
Quantum Mechanics Applets (Java)
Quantum Tunneling - The tunneling of a wave function through a potential barrier is demonstrated (Shockwave)
Quarks (Java)
Racing Balls (Java)
Racing Balls (Java)
Racing Balls - When the two balls are launched from one end of the track with the same initial velocity, what will happen (Java)
Racing Blocks (Java)
Radiation Quiz
Radioactive Decay (Java)
Radioactive Decay Series - Radioaktiva sönderfalls-serier (Java)
Radiocarbon WEB-info - C14-metoden
Radioactive Decay - Watch the nuclei decay away and discover the exponential decay law (Java)
Radioactivity and Half-Life (Java)
Radioaktive Zerfallsreihen - Radioaktiva sönderfallsserier (Java)
Radio Transmission - See how sound hitches a ride on radio waves to get from a transmitter to your receiver (Shockwave)
Radius and Refractive Index Effects on Lens Action (Java)
Rainbows Physics (Shockwave)
Rainbow - This applet shows the physics of rainbow (Java)
Ray Tracing - Explore simple ray tracing with a thin converging lens. (Shockwave)
Ray tracing for spherical mirrors (Java)
RC Circuits (Java)
RC Circuits - Shows the transient behavior that occurs when the capacitor is being charged and discharged (Java)
RC dc charging circuit - Exponential curves are traced as a capacitor is charging. Both the resistance and the capacitance can be vaired during the process. (Java)
RCL series a.c. circuit (Java)
RC Time Constant (Java)
Reaction Time (Java)
Reaction time and car accident (Java)
Reaction Time Java Applet (Java)
Real Time Experiments - Who said you needed a lab to perform cool experiments?
Real-time Histogram - This module lets you gather data while clicking your mouse, and creates a histogram while you are clicking (Shockwave)
Reflection & Refraction at Curved Surfaces (Java)
Reflection and Refraction of Waves - Explanation by Huygens' Principle (Java)
Reflection of a pulse wave (Java)
Reflection of a sin wave (Java)
Reflection of Light I (Java)
Reflection of Light II (Java)
Reflection of longitudinal wave motion, fixed attachment (Java)
Reflection of Waves from Boundaries (Java)
Reflection/Refraction (Java)
Reflection, Refraction, and Diffraction - Shows the three main wave phenomena ... (Java)
Reflexion und Brechung von Wellen (Java)
Reflexion von Seilwellen (Java)
Refracting Astronomical Telescope (Java)
Refraction and reflection (Java)
Refraction and Reflection - Deflection of a light beam going from one medium to another (Java)
Refraction by an Equilateral Prism (Java)
Refraction - Investigate the properties of light as it crosses from glass to air (Java)
Refraction Lab - Semi Circular Dish - Investigate the properties of light as it crosses from glass to air (Java)
Refraction of Light I (Java)
Refraction of Light II - Ljusts brytning i en skiljeyta mellan två genomskinliga ämnen (Java)
Refraction of Light Demonstration - Ljusets brytning (Java)
Refraction of Light Demonstration (Java)
Refraction through a Prism I (Java)
Refraction through a prism II - An interactive study on Snell's law and total internal refraction (Java)
Refractive Index Effects on Convex Lenses (Java)
Relationships of the SI derived units with special names
Relative Motion (Java)
Relative Motion (Java)
Relative Motion - (frame of reference) (Java)
Relative velocity (Java)
Relative Velocity using a Boat crossing a River (Java)
Relativitetsteorin - Ett specialarbete av Christian Davén
Renewable Energy - Länklista från KTH
Repetitorium zur Strömungslehre (Simulations)
Repetitorium zur Thermodynamik (Simulations)
Resistance at the Molecular Level (Java)
Resistor Color Code (Java)
Resistor Color Code Guide
Resistors (Java)
Resistors in Series (Java)
Resistors in Parallel (Java)
Resistor Lab (Java)
Resonance - Elektrisk svängningskrets (Java)
Resonance on a string (Java)
Resultant of Forces - Addition of Vectors (Java)
"Reverse The Field" - Can you deal with point and click when the mouse does not behave in typical fashion? (Shockwave)
Rich Franzen's Wheel of Saturation, Intensity, and Hue (Java)
RGB Additive Colors (Shockwave)
RGB Color Mixing - Mix Colors subtractively (Java)
Right-Angle Prisms (Java)
Ripples in Water - Demonstrating interference effects through ripples in water (Java)
Ripple Tank (2-D Waves) - Demonstrates wave motion, interference, diffraction, refraction, doppler effect, etc. (Java)
Ripple Tank Simulation (Java)
River and Boat (Java)
RLC Circuit - LibLab (Java)
RLC circuit (Java)
RLC circuit (Java)
RLC Resonance Circuit - Impedance for a very basic RLC circuit with an external source of alternating current (Java)
Role of inelasticity in granular medium - Demostrates the importance of inelastic collisions in a toy model of granular flow (Java)
Roller Coaster Design (Java)
Roll, Hit and Slip (Java)
Rolling and Slipping (Java)
Rotational Inertia Lab - Moment of Inertia (Shockwave)
Rotational Velocity and Linear Velocity on a rolling ball - The result of backspin (Java)
Ruby Laser (Shockwave)
Rutherford Scattering - Only those alphas that get close to the nucleus are scattered through significant angles (Java)
Rutherford Scattering: Thomson Model of an Atom (Java)
Rättvända spegeln
Quarks - Put the right combination of quarks and antiquarks together and see the resulting hadron (Java)
Sailing Thru Science - Exercises and projects directly related to the scientific principles involved in circumnavigating the world
Saltat islyft
Satellitbana (Java)
Satellite Construction (Java)
Scalars and Vectors
Scanning Electron Microscope Info
Schiefer Wurf (mit und ohne Luftwiderstand) - Snett kast (med och utan luftmotstånd) (Java)
Science: Physics - BBC
Science Quiz Activities & Games
Schrödinger & Bohr Atomic Models - A side-by-side comparison of the Schrödinger and Bohr models of the hydrogen atom and how it absorbs and emits photons (Java)
Schwebungen - oder im Reich der Klavierstimmer (Java)
Schwingungen (Fadenpendel, mathematisches Pendel, Federpendel) - Svängningar (Trådpendel, matematisk pendel, fjäderpendel) (Java)
Science - all activities by title - Quia
Science Education Sites - Fisher Science
Science Learning Network Resources
Science Movies - Brainpop
Science Museum - London
Scientific American Online
Scientific Hangman (Java)
Sea and Sky - Come explore the awesome splendors of the Sea, and the endless wonders of the universe
Seasons - Find out why we have summers and winters. (Java)
Seesaw (Shockwave)
Seesaw Lab - Experiment with applying torques to a seesaw (Shockwave)
See-Saw Torque - Put several masses on a see-saw in an effort to balance the system (Shockwave)
See The Light - Tutorial on light theory covering its properties, color and optics
Seismometer (Java)
Senaste rön inom naturvetenskap
Separating Materials - BBC
Series AC RLC circuit (Java)
Series & Parallel Lab (Shockwave)
Shadow/Image and Color (Java)
Shadows - Understand how shadows are formed (Java)
Shoot the Monkey - Firing directly towards a falling target (Shockwave)
Shunts and multipliers (Java)
Sight vs. Sound Reflex I - Test your response time to different inputs (Shockwave)
Sight vs. Sound Reflex II - Tests your reflexes to sight and sound input (Shockwave)
Signal Systems Control - Demonstrations - Java Applets in Engineering Education (Java)
Simcir the circuit simulator - Allows you to construct simple logic circuits using drag-and-drop component icons (Java)
Simple AC Circuits
Simple Bi-Convex Thin Lenses (Java)
Simple electric circuit - Do a virtual lab on a circuit which is designed by you (Java)
Simple Electroscope : Equal-mass like-charged pendulum bobs hanging from common point (Java)
Simple Harmonic Motion I (Shockwave)
Simple Harmonic Motion II (Java)
Simple Harmonic Motion and Uniform Circular Motion (Java)
Simple Harmonic Motion - Compare a pendulum and a mass on a spring (Shockwave)
Simple Harmonic Motion and Uniform Circular Motion (Java)
Simple Harmonic Motion - Introduktionskurs
Simple Harmonic Motion - This applet shows number of particles in SHM (Java)
Simple Harmonic Motion Worlds (VMRL)
Simple Inclined Plane (Java)
Simple Machines I
Simple Machines II
Simple Machines III
Simple Machines Activities
Simple Machines - Spotlight on the six basic machines and the science behind each
Simple Magnification - Förstoringsglaset (Java)
Simple Pendulum - Conservation of Energy (Shockwave)
Simple Prism - The prism can be used to make miniature rainbows in the classroom. This virtual prism lets you see why Snell's Law can make that pretty spectrum of colors we see in the sky. (Shockwave)
Simply Science What is Static Electricity? - Explanation of static electricity is very clearly stated
Simulation einer Luftkissen- oder Rollen-Fahrbahn (Java)
Simulation Library
Simulation of Cloud Formation Over Mountain (Java)
Simulations and Animations - Bl.a Fusion i solen, Doppler effekt, Big Bang (Java)
Single-Side-Band Demodulation (Java)
Single Slit Diffraction (Java)
Single Slit Diffraction (Shockwave)
Single-Slit Difraction - Shows the simplest case of diffraction, i.e., single slit diffraction. You can change the color of the light (Java)
SKB:s hemsida
Skol Väder Nätet
Sliding Block Tutorial (Java)
Snell's Law (Java)
Snell's law - Total internal reflection (Java)
Soap Power
Solar Cell Operation (Java)
Solids and Fluids at Rest
Solids, Liquids and Gases - BBC
Some Elementary Physics - Gasphysics (Java)
Sonic Doppler Effect - Watch sound waves from a moving source. Learn why a train whistle sounds differently as it passes by you (Shockwave)
Some Elementary Physics
Sound - BBC
Sound Beats - When two sounds are very similar in frequency, you'll hear pulses due to the nature of waves (Shockwave)
Sound 'Pulses' - When two sounds are very similar in frequency, you'll hear pulses due to the nature of waves. Try to determine several mystery frequencies (Shockwave)
Sound 'Pulses' - When two sounds are very similar in frequency, you'll hear pulses due to the nature of waves. Try to determine several mystery frequencies (Shockwave)
Sound (Simulations)
Sources of Visible Light (Java)
Space and Time in Special Relativity (Java)
Space Physics Textbook
Special Processes of an Ideal Gas (Java)
Spectral Lines (Java)
Spectra of Chemical Elements (Java)
Spectra of Gas Discharges
Spectroscope of an Atom (Interactive)
Spectroscopy - Demonstrates the formation mechanism for an emission spectrum and an absorption spectrum
Spectroscopy Laboratory Suite (Simulations)
Spectrum - Explore the electromagnetic spectrum (Java)
Spectrum Tuner - Spectrum Tuner allows you to scan through the Electromagnetic Spectrum displaying Wavelength, Frequency, and Energy simultaneously in user-selectable units. (Java)
Specular and Diffuse Reflection (Java)
Speed & Acceleration (Java)
Speed of Light (Java)
Speed of Light in Transparent Materials (Java)
Speed of Sound Calculator (Java)
Speglar och linser - Simuleringar (Java)
Spherical Aberration I - Demonstration of spherical aberration that occurs with a real mirror (Java)
Spherical Aberration II - Avbildningsfel i linssystem (Java)
Spontaneous and Stimulated Processes (Java)
Spring Force and Simple Harmonic Motion (Java)
Spring Force and SHM - Simple harmonic motion(SHM) (Java)
Spring-mass oscillator - It explains how SHM be linked to circular motion. Sinusoidal curves are displayed. (Java)
Spring Pendulum - Fjäderpendeln (Java)
Spännande experiment
Square Waves and an RC Differentiator (Java)
Square Waves and an RC Integrator (Java)
Standing Longitudinal Waves (Java)
Standing Wave - You can adjust the number of nodes (Java)
Static Equilibrium - How far over the edge can you move the books? (Java)
Stationary wave (Java)
Stationary Waves
Stehende Längswellen - Stående vågor (Java)
Stirling-Motor (Heißluft-Motor) (Java)
Sticka utan att spricka
Stimulated Emission in a Laser Cavity (Java)
Stirling engine animation - Visar en Stirlingmotors funktion (Java)
Stirling-Motor - Animation (Java)
Strahlen-Optik Wellen-Optik - Många bra länkar
String Pendulum (Java)
Stromfluss im Metallgitter (Java)
Subtractive Colors - The colors you see around you on cars, plants, etc., are due to color subtraction. (Shockwave)
Succeed in Physical Science - Tutorial
Superheterodyne Spectrum Analyzer (Java)
Superposition Principle of Wave (Java)
Superposition of Traveling waves (Java)
Superposition of Two Waves I (Java)
Superposition of Two Waves II (Java)
Superposition Principle of Wave (Java)
Surface Tension - Ytspänning
Svenska Fysikersamfundet
Sydkrafts hemsida
Synnedsättningar och optik
Systematisk internetkatalog U Naturvetenskap - Mölndals Stadsbibliotek
Så tillverkas el
Tableau périodique - Visar fotografier av ämnena
Table of Isotopes
Table of the Nuclides I
Table of the Nuclides II (Java)
Table of Nuclides III
Technology at Home - Lets you go back through the century to find out when everyday items such as these first appeared in homes (Shockwave)
Technology Movies - Brainpop
Teeter-Totter Torque (Shockwave)
Temperature and Kinetic Energy (Java)
Temperature, Pressure, Volume of a Balloon (Java)
Ten Electrostatic Problems (Java)
The Air Track (Java)
The Applet Collection - These applets enable you to study simple physical systems in a playful way (Java)
Theater of Electricity
The Atomic Lab - See how some surprising 20th Century physics experiments show us that not everything is as it seems... (Java)
The Atomic Theory - Bohrs atommodell (Java)
The Atoms Family - Atomic theory brought to you by every ghost, ghoul, monster and zombie looking for work
Theatre of Electricity
The Atwood Machine (Java)
The Ballistic Simulator - Hit the target under a variety of different conditions (Java)
The Basics of NMR - Nuclear magnetic resonance
The Bohr Model of the Atom (Java)
The Bouncing Ball (Java)
Two Bowling Ball Drop (Shockwave)
The Cartesian diver (Java)
The Center for History of Physics
The Chromaticity Diagram and Color Gamut Applet (Java)
The circuit builder - Used to build and analyse DC and AC electrical circuits (Java)
The city of Hiroshima
The Cloud Boutique - Very nice explanation and pictures of clouds
The Color Space Conversions Applet (Java)
The Complete Menu to the Particle Adventure
The Conservation of Energy - Car on Inclined Planes (Shockwave)
The damped harmonic oscillator (Java)
The Discovery of Atomic Structure
The Doppler Effect (Java)
The Doppler Effect (Shockwave)
The Double Pendulum (Java)
The Electric Club - Fantastic listing of practical, easy to use demonstrations and activites that illustrate tons of concepts in electricity
The Electric Force - Hur en positiv och en negativ laddning påverkar varandra (Java)
The Electromagnetic Spectrum
The electroscope (Java)
The Electrostatic Field (Java)
The Energy Story - We use energy to do work
The Exploratorium Science Snackbook
The Extended Periodic Table Of The Elements
The Forces of Fusion (Shockwave)
The Frequency and Wavelength of Light
The Galileo Project
The Gravitational Field (Java)
The Heat Equation (Java)
The Heat Pump
The Heat Pump - Värmepumpen (Java)
The Ideal Atmosphere - A simplified simulation of the Earth's atmosphere illustrates the canonical ensemble and the Boltzmann distribution (Java)
The Interactive Physics Problem Set - Almost 100 practice physics problems accompanied by detailed solutions and many with MPEG movies
The Interactive Textbook
The Interactive Physics Problem Set
The Internet Pilot to Physics
The Joy of Visual Perception - A Web Book
The Laboratory of Atomic and Solid State Physics
The Laser (Java)
The Laser Adventure
The Law of Radioactive Decay - Sönderfallslagen för radioaktivt sönderfall (Java)
The Laws List - A list of various laws, rules, principles, and other related topics in physics
The laws of motion (Java)
The Leaning Tower of Physics - You can advance through the levels of the "tower" by working through the lessons
The Lever Principle (Java)
The Lever Principle (Shockwave)
The Light Cone - An illuminating introduction to relativity, VRML Gallery of Physics
The location of supersonic airplane (Java)
The Magnetic Field (Java)
Themenbereich Physik - ABI Power Tools
The Original Color Coded Resistance Calculator (Java)
The Motor Principle - Den elektriska motorn (Java)
The Nature of Electromagnetic Radiation (Java)
The Net Advance of Physics - Review Articles and Tutorials in an Encyclopædic Format
The Nobel Prize Internet Archive
The Nuclear Wall Chart
The Oscilloscope (Java)
The Optical Prism (Java)
The Optics of the Eye
The Original Color Coded Resistance Calculator (Java)
The Oscilloscope (Java)
The Pendulum - Shows a pendulum suspended on a 'rigid string (Java)
The Pendulum Lab - A combination of a virtual laboratory (with Java applets) and a mini-course in nonlinear dynamics (Java)
The Physics of Projectile Motion
The Quartz Watch
The rainbow (Java)
Thermal Conductors - BBC
ThermoElectric Device Simulation (Java)
The Particle Adventure - An Interactive Tour of the Inner Workings of the Atom and the Tools for Discovery
The Pendulum Lab (Java)
The periodic table (Java)
The Periodic Table Challenge
The periodic table - Chemical Elements.com
The Periodic Table - WebElementsTM Professional edition
The Photoelectric Effect I (Java)
The Photoelectric Effect II (Java)
The Photoelectric Effect III - Illustrates how photoelectrons are emitted from user selected metals (Java)
The Physics Classroom - Physics Help
The Physics Classroom - Tutorials
The Physics Connexion Problems Resource - Learn physics concepts and have some fun at the same time. Connect to this site and be surprised by the tricks, photos and problems
The Physics Encyclopedia
The Physics Zone - Numerous interactive tutorials
The Police Car and the Speeder - - On screen capture (Java)
The Pulley System (Java)
The ResistorPage
Thermodynamics (Simulations)
Thermodynamic Equilibrium (Java)
The Physics Hypertextbook
The Periodic Table Challenge - Försök att fylla i ett periodiskt system - Rättas (Java)
The Physics Classroom
The Physics of Music and Sound - Applets, Animations, and Sound Files (Java)
The Pictorial Periodic Table (Java)
The Pulley Systems (Java)
The Quiz Room - Henderson's Regular Physics Quizze
The relations between circular motin, simple harmonic motion and wave (Java)
The Representation of Molecular Models Rendering Techniques
The-Resistor Page
Thermodynamic Equilibrium - Mixing Gases of Different Temperature (Java)
Thermodynamic Equilibrium - Provides numerous experiments (Java)
The Rutherford Experiment (Java)
The Science Explorer - Roliga experiment
The Scots Guide to Electronics - This course is designed to help you learn about components, circuits, and the use of electronics
The Second Law of Thermodynamics (Java)
The Spectrum Applet (Java)
The Spring Pendulum I (Java)
The Spring Pendulum II (Java)
The Sum of All Sciences - Tutorial
The Satellite Site
The thick lens (Java)
The Thick Lens Ray Trace (Java)
The Transmission of Wave through Dense media - Reflection and Refraction (Java)
The Two-stroke Engine (Java)
The water tower (Java)
Thick Lens java applet (Java)
Thin Lens (Java)
The Periodic Table (Java)
The Periodic Table of Elements
The Physics Classroom
The Pictorial Periodic Table (Java)
The Proton Gun Lab (Shockwave)
The Pulley System (Shockwave)
The Rutherford Experiment (Java)
The Semiconductor Applet Service (Java)
The Shadowbox Theatre (Java)
The Shocking Truth about Electricity
The Spring Pendulum - One can drag the pendulum to it's starting position (Java)
The Thick Lens Ray Trace (Java)
The Transmission of Wave through Dense media - Reflection and Refraction (Java)
The Variable Lens - Explores the effect of lens shape on image formation (Java)
The Vector Cross Product - Manipulate two vectors, and observe the change in their vector cross product (Java)
The Vector Cross Product - Tutorial (Java)
The Virtual Nuclear Tourist
The "Virtual" - Physics Center - Martindale's Graduate & Undergraduate Center
The Virtual Tokamak - Plasmafysik (Shockwave)
The Visual Elements Periodic Table
The Voltage Circuit Simulator (Java)
The Wind: Our Fierce Friend
The Wizard's Lab - Teach you about motion, sound and waves, electricity and magnetism, and other basics of Physics
The world of color (Java)(
The World Through a Hole - How a pinhole camera works (Java)
The WWW Virtual Library - Physics
The 10 Most Abundant Elements in the Universe
Thick Lens (Java)
Thin Lens - Konvex lins (Java)
Thin Lens and Mirror Demonstration - Simulation of convergent and divergent lens and mirror (Java)
Thin Lens - (converging/diverging lens/mirrors) (Java)
Thomas Young's Double Slit Experiment (Java)
Thomson J. J - Upptäckten av elektronen
Three Charges walked onto an axis - The Final Cut ... (Ex & V graphs) [eforcex3] (Java)
Three Dimensional Wave (Java)
Three Phase AC Motor - shows the electric curves of each of the three phase as it is generated (Java)
Time Domain vs. Frequency Domain (Java)
Time Estimation I - A watched pot never boils! Is this true, or does it just involve making accurate time estimates. Try to estimate when 1 minute has passed (Shockwave)
Time Estimation II (Shockwave)
Timeline of Nuclear Technology
Time Machine - Relativistic simulator of consequences of Relativity Theory about space, time and mass (Java)
Time Traveler - What will Tom find when he returns to Jane after after a relativistic trip? (Shockwave)
Time Machine - Relativistic simulator of consequences of Relativity Theory about space, time and mass (Java)
Toda Lattice Solitons - Toda lattice is a monatomic chain of particles of mass m with the following interaction between nearest-neighbors (Java)
Todd's Atomic page
Tom Tits Experiment
Torque - Torque is defined as force x moment arm (Java)
Total Internal Reflection - Ljusets totalreflektion (Java)
Tour of the Atom
Traffic Light System (Java)
Transformer I (Java)
Transformer II (Java)
Translation and Rotation )Java)
Transmission and Reflection by Beamsplitters (Java)
Transmission of Wave Through Dense Media - Reflection-Refraction (Java)
Transverse and Longitudinal Waves (VRML)
Transverse standing wave - The vibrations of differents harmonics are shown (Java)
Transverse travelling wave - It is useful to explore the phase relationships between points along a transverse wave (Java)
Transverse Wave and Longitudinal Wave (Java)
Transverse Wave and Longitudinal Wave - Showing transverse and longitudinal waves (Java)
Transverse Waves - Reflection & Transmission (Java)
Tuning A Radio Receiver (Java)
Two Convex Lenses and a Mirror (Java)
Two-dimensional collisions - One ball strikes another. Change relative masses, initial velocity, and angle of the collision (Java)
Two Dimensional Elastic Collisions (Java)
Two-Dimensional Harmonic Motion - A mass is attached to 4 springs in the x-y plane (Shockwave)
Two Masses hanging from a Pulley (Java)
Two Parachutes Drop (Shockwave)
Two Slit Experiment - Classic "two slit" experiment using lasers to show interference patterns (Java)
Two Slit Experiment - Shoot a stream of electrons through the two slits and see how the interference patterns still appear (Java)
Two-Slit Interference - Vary the slit separation and the wavelength of the light and then watch the interference pattern (Java)
Two-Slit with Diffraction - Combines the effects of interference and diffraction (Java)
Types of Clouds
U.C. Berkeley Physics Lecture Demonstrations
Understanding Electrical Conduction in Wires (Java)
Uniform Circular Motion (Java)
Uniformly accelerated motion (Java)
Uniformly Accelerated Linear Motion (Java)
Universal Nuclide Chart and Radioactive Decay Applet (Java)
Unterrichtsmaterialien - Download Physik & Mathematik / Realschule
Unterrichtsmaterialien - Unterrichtsmaterialien zum Unterricht in den Fächern Physik und Mathematik
Uranium Information Centre - Rich in information on the uranium industry and nuclear power
UV-Vis Spectroscopy - A spectrophotometer is a device to measure absorbance of light; an absorption spectrum displays the measured absorbance as a function of wavelength for the compound of interest. Polychromatic (white) light is passed through a monochromator, which selects a narrow band of wavelengths from the incident beam. (Java)
Vacuum Tube Diodes (Java)
Van de Graaff Generator
Van de Graaff Generator - Video
Variable Capacitor (Java)
Varifrån kommer ljudet?
Vector Addition I - Basic graphical look at vector addition. Lets you see the "head" to "tail" addition. (Shockwave)
Vector Addition II (Java)
Vector Calculator (Java)
Vector Components (Java)
Vectors - Motion and Forces in Two-Dimensions
Vectors and Motion in Two-Dimensions - Tutorial
Vectors - Motion and Forces in Two-Dimensions
Vector quantities in simple Kinematics (Java)
Velocities (and their components) during Projectile Motion (Java)
Velocity composition - Showing the velocity vectors relevant to the motion of a boat on a river (Java)
Venturi Tube Simulation - To understand the application of Bernoulli equation (Java)
Vernier Rechenschieber - Skjutmåttet (Java)
Vernier(Skjutmått) - This java applet shows you how to read a vernier (Java)
Vertical Projectile Motion 1 - Throw a hammer in the air! (Java)
Viertakt Ottomotor - Animation (Java)
Viewing the Earth with Radar
Virtual Dating Isochron for rocks and minerals - Radioactive Isotopes - the "Clocks in Rocks" Numerical and Relative Ages for Rocks (Java)
Virtual Earthquake - Designed to introduce you to the concepts of how an earthquake EPICENTER is located and how the RICHTER MAGNITUDE of an earthquake is determined (Java)
Virtual Laboratory
Virtual Labs and Simulations
Virtual Radiocarbon Dating - C-14-metoden (Java)
Visible stars chart (Java)
Virtual Microscopy
Visual Physics - Provides simulations of various simple physics experiments
Virtual Air Track - Totally elastic or totally inelastic collisions or anything in between (Java)
Virtual Labs & Simulations (Simulations)
Virtual Physics Tutorial - California State University, Fullerton
Virtual Scanning Electron Microscopy (Java)
Virtuelles/reelles Bild an Sammellinse (Java)
Visual Physics - Simulations: Force, Work, Tension, Torque, Projectile, Momentum, Electricity, Kinematics
Visual Quantum Mechanics
VRML Gallery of Electromagnetism (VRML)
Väderskolan - LRFs och SMHIs väderskola för lantbrukare på Internet
Väderskolan - Moln
Väder- och molnsituationen över Europa - Satellitbild
Väderprognoser för Sverige - Välj bland svenska orter
Väderservice - Helsingborg
Warum läuft die Zeit bei hoher Geschwindigkeit langsamer? - Ein Versuch, die Einsteinsche Zeitdilatation auf einfache Weise zu erklären
Water Balloon Projectiles (Java)
Water and Ice Module - Learn about water. Calculate the density for water and ice using on-line interactive activities.
Water Module - This site contains background information on water and ice
Water Molecule in a Microwave Field (Java)
Water Pressure and Depth (Java)
Wave Adder (Java)
Wave Function Sketcher - Provides a way for students to sketch on the computer stationary state wave functions for any potential in which they are interested (Shockwave)
Wave Frequency (Java)
Wave Generator - (Tongenerator) Kräver ljudkort (Java)
Wave Interference I (Java)
Wave Interference II (Java)
Wave Interference - Showing wave interference from two waves moving in opposite directions (Java)
Wave Interference - Two-Slit Experiment (Java)
Wavelength, Frequency and Speed (Java)
Wave Machine (Java)
Wave Machine - Reflection of Wave from a Boundary (Java)
Wave Packet Explorer (Shockwave)
Wave Phenomena, Adding Simple Harmonic Waves I (Java)
Wave Phenomena, Adding Simple Harmonic Waves II (Java)
Wave Phenomena Longitudinal Waves, Transverse Waves and Waves of Mixed Type (Java)
Wave Phenomena, Reflection of Waves (Java)
Wave Phenomena, Sound (Java)
Wave Phenomena, Wave packets (Java)
Wave Propagation along a Transmission Line (Java)
Wave Propagation and Huygens' Principle (Java)
Wave Reflection (Java)
Waves (Simulations)
Waves (Shockwave)
Waves, Frequency, and Wavelength (Java)
Waves-Sound 'Pulses' (Shockwave)
Weather (Java)
Weather Activities
Weather Dog - A game (Begrepp inom meteorologi)
WeatherEye - A weather education site, created by a forecast team
Weather Glossary - Definitions for meteorology terms
Weathernet - Homework Helper
Weather Quiz - Take our Weather Quiz!
Weather Watchers - Let's find out about weather and how it makes a difference all over the world
WebElements Periodic Table
WebElements Professional edition
Websters World - An Online Guide to Physics
Wechselstromgenerator (Prinzip) (Java)
Welcome to the Multimedia Physics Studios - A collection of GIF animations and accompanying explanations of major physics concepts
Welcome to the Pressure Chamber (Java)
Welcome to the Ballistic Simulator - Fire Away (Java)
Welcome to the MDHS Physics Java Page - It contains many of the standard equations used in class (Java)
Welcome to The Physics Connexion - A fresh oasis for the weary physics student
Welcome to the Physics Tutorial
Welcome to the Pressure Chamber (Java)
Welcome to the simulated inclined plane (Shockwave)
Welcome to the Voltage Circuit Simulator (Java)
Welcome to Zona Land - The Physics Department - Educational and entertaining items pertaining to physics
Wellenwanne als Vorstufe zur Wellenoptik (Java)
Werking galvanisch element (Flash)
Wetter- Bilder und Movies - West- und Mitteleuropa (Real Player)
Wettergalerie - Bilder: Gewitter, Schnee und Eis, Sonne, Mond, Himmel
What is a decibel?
What is Static Electricity?
Wheatstone Bridge - Measure an unknown resistance (Java)
Wheatstone Bridge - Measure voltage and current in a Wheatstone Bridge (Java)
Why Things Have Color (Java)
Wie funktioniert ein Auto? (Java)
Wiggling Charges and Electromagnetic Waves (Java)
Williamsons Labs - Elektronik och ellära
Willkommen beim Physik-Quiz....
Willkommen im Videoarchiv von Physik Online (Simulations)
Wind Power - Discusses the history of wind power, its theory, applications, economics, case studies and the environment
Wind Tunnel (Java)
Work, Energy, and Power
What is Fusion?
Who is THAT? - Famous Scientists and Mathmeticians
Who's Who in Atomic & Plasma Physics Database
Why Things Have Color (Java)
Wild Wild Weather Page - For Kids between 6 and 16 years old and for their Parents and Teachers, too
Wind Energy - Vindkraft - Windpower.dk
X ray Diffraction (Java)
Xray Roentgenstrahlen Kurs (Java)
Youngs dubbelspaltexperiment (Java)
Young's Double Slit Experiment (Java)
Young's Double Slit Interference - Wave Optics (Java)
Zeitdilatation(Relativitätstheorie) - Tidsdilatationen(Relativitetsteori) (Java)
Zentrale für Unterrichtsmedien e.V. - Alphabetisches Register Physik
Zerfallsgesetz - Sönderfallslagen (Java)
Yahoo Väder - Väderprognoser för ett femtiotal svenska städer
You Can & Eyeglasses - Hur ett par glasögon fungerar
Young's Double Slit Experiment and N-slit Diffraction (Java)
Young's Double Slit Interference - You can change the wavelength, the slit separation and the distance of the slits from the screen (Java)
Youngs dubbelspaltexperiment I (Java)
Young's Double Slit Experiment II (Java)
Young's Double-Slit Experiment III (Java)
Young's Double Slit Experiment and N-slit Diffraction (Java)
Young's Double Slit Interference I (Java)
Young's Double Slit Interference II (Java)
Youngs dubbelspaltexperiment (Java)
Young's Two-Slit Experiment with Laser Light - The classic "two slit" experiment using lasers to show interference patterns (Java)
Übersicht Themengebiet Solarenergie
Zeitleiste - Wann geschah was? - Ereignisse aus der Geschichte der Teilchenphysik
1-Dimensional Kinematics - Kinematics is the science of describing the motion of objects using words, diagrams, numbers, graphs, and equations
150 Java-applets on the internet related to physics education (Java)
2D Collision I (Java)
2D Collisions II (Shockwave)
2D Collisions - Lets you deal with 2D elastic/inelastic collisions on a flat (or tilted) table, and even use magnetic pucks (Shockwave)
2-D Electrodynamics Applet - Demonstrates electromagnetic radiation, induction, and magnetostatics (Java)
3D Avalanches from our hysteresis simulation (Java)
3-D Electrostatic Fields Applet - Demonstrates electric fields in various situations (Java)
3-D Magnetostatic Fields Applet - Demonstrates magnetic fields in various situations (Java)
3-D Waves - Demonstrates wave motion in 3-D (Java)
4-Cylinder Four-stroke Engine (Java)
4-Zylinder 4-Takt-Reihenmotor (Java)
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