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Acids and Bases (Animations)
Acids, Bases, and pH
Acid-base titration I (Java)
Acid Base Titration II (Java)
All About Atoms
A mother lode of Periodic Tables
Analytical Chemistry Basics
An Introduction to Chromatography
Athena Mineralogy
Atom Builder - Bygg en kolatom
Atomic Orbitals - Contains scientific visualization of chemical structures and atomic orbitals presented as QuickTime and MPEG movies
Atmospheric Fixation of Nitrogen (QuickTime)
Atomic and Molecular Orbitals (Java)
Atomic, molecular, and formula masses
Atomic Particles in Atoms and Ions
Atomic Structure I
Atomic Structure II
Atomic Structure III
Atoms and Molecules
Atoms, Molecules, and Ions
A visual simulation of a Chemical reaction (Java)
Basic Chemistry Explained
Basic Interactive Exercises - The atom
Basic Reactions in Organic Chemistry - Interactive
Biochemistry Graphics - This is a collection of animated and still graphics
BITESIZE for Science: Chemistry - BBC
Carbon is 4 ever
Charles' Law (Java)
Chem Balancer (Java)
ChemDex - Sheffield University
Chemical Carousel - The carbon cycle, involving photosynthesis, digestion, and combustion, that allows the same atoms to be recycled for millennia
Chemical Kinetics Simulation (Java)
Chemical reactions
Chemieunterricht und Chemiedidaktik
Chemistry Applets (Java)
Chemistry Central - This site contains atomic, periodic element, and chemical bonding information
Chemistry Drill and Practice Tutorials
Chemistry Quiz (Java)
Chemistry Quiz Activities & Games
Chemistry Teaching Resources - Universitetet i Umeå
Chemistry Teaching Resources - Newsgroups and Mailing Lists in Chemistry
Chemistry Tutor
Chemistry Zone
Chemware Home Page - Chemistry Education For high school students and teachers of chemistry
ChemWeb Online - A very nice introduction to first-year chemistry, divided into about 20 topics
CHEMystery - A virtual chemistry textbook - Periodiskt system med flera olika valalternativ för information (Java)
Chemieunterricht und Chemiedidaktik
Chem4Kids - The site is designed to introduce basic chemistry ideas to younger students
ChemTeam - A Tutorial for High School Chemistry
CheMystery - A virtual chemistry textbook, to provide aninteractive guide for high school chemistry students
Chiraliteit - The Organic Chemistry Virtual Tutor (Shockwave)
Classifying Materials - Science Key Stage 4 (14-16)
Common Molecules
Computer Graphics - Visualization of molecular models and atomic orbitals, and computer animation as QuickTime
CTI Centre for Chemistry
Das Periodensystem der Elemente
David's Whizzy Periodic Table (Java)
Double Fun Match - To find all the matching pairs of cards (Java)
Dynamite Chemistry (QuickTime)
Elektronenconfiguratie (Java)
Electronic flash cards
Element Tables - Information on the elements (Java)
Equilibrium Java Applet (Java)
Equilibrium - Reactions that go to completion (Java)
Eric's Treasure Trove of Chemistry - On-Line Science Encylopedia
Experiments in Color (Java)
Experimentarium i Köpenhamn
Explore Science
Frank Potter's Science Gems - Engineering
Friends School Chemistry Homepage
Gas Laws Tutor (Java)
General Organic and Biochemistry
Geological Time Machine
Global Instructional Chemistry - A new concept in the distributed teaching of Chemistry
Gram en mol (Java)
Gör dina egna kristaller
Hazardous Chemical Database
Helping your child learn science
Hi! Hydrogen (Shockwave)
History of Science on the World Wide Web
Hypermedia textbook for Elementary School - Epecially for students in grades 3-5
Hypermedia Textbook for Grades 6-12
Hushållskemikalier till laborationer
Ideal Gas Laws (Java)
Indexes of Biographies
Interactive Exercises on Balancing Equations - Combustion Reactions - Förbränningsreaktioner (Shockwave)
Interactive Tutorial on Balancing Equations (Shockwave)
Interaktives Periodensystem der Elemente
Interessante Links zum Thema Chemie
Internet Chemistry - Oxidation/Reduction
Internet History of Science Sourcebook
It's Elemental Flashcards - Will give you an element and you have to supply either the element's name or it's chemical symbol
It's Elemental - An interactive Periodic Table of Elements listing basic physical and historical information
It's Elemental - Element Flash Cards - Learn the names and symbols of the elements with this flash card game
It's Elemental - Element Hangman - Discover which element the computer has picked by guessing the letters in its name
It's Elemental - Element Matching Game - Learn the names and symbols of the elements by matching an element's name to its symbol
It's Elemental - Element Math Game - Students calculate the number of protons, neutrons or electrons in an atom based on information from the Periodic Table of Elements
It's Elemental - Play this great elements math game to learn more about protons, neutrons, electrons, and the periodic table.
It's Periodic Table
Kemi på nätet - Länksida
Kunskapsbanken: Kemi - Arkivet: bläddra bland frågorna om Kemi
Laborationer för alla stadier i skolan
L'atome på franska
Le Chatelier's Principle (Java)
Le cycle du carbone (Flash)
Lexika und Stoffdatenbanken
Library of 3-D Molecular Structures
Limiterend reagens (Java)
Lista över laborationer
Making Matter - The atomic structure of materials
MathMol - Marvis Rich's Mathematics and Molecules Multimedia show
MathMol Hypermedia Textbook - For Grades 6-12
MathMol Hypermedia Textbook - Hypermedia textbook for Elementary School - Textbook designed especially for students in grades 3-5
Microscale Chemistry in Photos - 100 Chemische Versuche mit geringen Materialmengen und einfachen Experimentiergeräten werden vorgestellt
Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom - Minerals and gems from A-Z
Minerals by Name
Molecular Dynamics Simulations (Java)
Molecular Model for an Ideal Gas (Java)
Molécules et liaisons
Molecules in Motion - An Active Chemical Exploratorium
Molecules In Motion (Java)
Multiple-Choice Questions
N.R.M. Home Page
NIST Chemistry Web Book - This comprehensive reference includes thermodynamic data for over 5,000 chemical compounds and on ion-energetics data for over 10,000 chemical compounds
Nobel Prize Internet Archive - Information on Nobel Laureates
Nucleofiele substitutie - The Organic Chemistry Virtual Tutor (Shockwave)
Oplossen van NaCl in water (Flash)
Ordlista för laborationer
Organic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry Resources
Peptide Bond animation (Java)
Periodensystem der Elemente I
Periodensystem der Elemente II
Periodensystem der Elemente III
Perdiodensystem der Elemente IV
Periodensystem der Elemente nach Mendelejef, Meyer und Werner
Periodensystem der Elemente - Von Uni Terra
Periodic Table
Periodic Table (Interactive)
Periodic Table and Electron Configurations
Periodic Table - Chemicool (Java)
Periodic Table - Click on each element to find out its history and additional information
Periodic Table of the Elements
Periodic Table - Match elements with their symbols - Memory game
Periodic Table - Web Elements
Perriodic Table - Chemical
Periodiska systemet
Periodiska systemet - Med utförlig beskrivning av grundämnena på svenska
Phases of Matter
Portrait of an Atom
Production of salt
Prof. Stuhlpfarrers Chemie-Seiten
Protein DataBase WWW Server
Proton Don - Shown the periodic table and the name of an element - Click on that element's periodic table symbol (Java)
Quia Chemistry All activities by title
Quick Tour of MathMol - What is Molecular Modeling?
Reaction (Reactants/Products) (Java)
Redox Online Tutorials & Practice Problems (Shockwave)
Reference Guide for AMINO ACIDS
Reference Guide for MINERALS
Reference Guide for VITAMINS
Rutherford: Periodensystem - Elementgruppen
Rutherford 4.5 - Das Periodensystem der chemischen Elemente
Science: Chemistry - BBC
Science Quiz Activities & Games
Simulation Links - Chemistry
Skol-Kemi - En satsning av kemi-institutionen vid Umeå Universitet
Slideshow - Acid-Base Equilibria
Slideshow - Additional Aspects of Aqueous Equilibria
Slideshow - Atoms, Molecules, and Ions
Slideshow - Aqueous Reactions and Solution Stoichiometry
Slideshow - Basic Concepts of Chemical Bonding
Slideshow - Calculations with Chemical Formulas and Equations
Slideshow - Chemical Equilibrium
Slideshow - Chemical Kinetics
Slideshow - Chemical Thermodynamics
Slideshow - Chemistry of Coordination Compounds
Slideshow - Chemistry of the Environment
Slideshow - Chemistry of the Nonmetals
Slideshow - Electrochemistry
Slideshow - Electronic Structure of Atoms
Slideshow - Gases
Slideshow - Intermolecular Forces, Liquids, and Solids
Slideshow - Matter and Measurement
Slideshow - Metals and Metallurgy
Slideshow - Modern Materials
Slideshow - Molecular Geometry and Bonding Theories
Slideshow - Nuclear Chemistry
Slideshow - Periodic Properties of the Elements
Slideshow - Properties of Solutions
Slideshow - The Chemistry of Life: Organic and Biological Chemistry
Slideshow - Thermochemistry
Solubility Applet (Java)
Structuur van DNA (Flash)
Tableau périodique - Visar fotografier av ämnena
Table of Elements - Chemistry Drill - Edu4Kids
The Atoms Family
The Chemistry of Carbon
The ChemTeam - A Tutorial for High School Chemistry
The Clausthal Online Mineral Collection
The Discovery of Atomic Structure
The Happy Molecules (Java)
The Learning Matters of Chemistry
The Macrogalleria - What and where polymers are, how they work, and how to make them
The MathMol Library - Library of 3-D Molecular Structures
Themenbereich Chemie - ABI Power Tools
The Mineral Gallery
Theory of atoms in molecules I
Theory of Atoms in Molecules II
The Periodic Table I (Java)
The periodic table II (Java)
The periodic table - Chemical
The Periodic Table - WebElementsTM Professional edition
The Periodic Table Challenge I
The Periodic Table Challenge II - Försök att fylla i ett periodiskt system - Rättas (Java)
The Periodic Table on the WWW
The pH Factor - A resource to help teachers introduce acids and bases to their students
The Pictorial Periodic Table (Java)
The Representation of Molecular Models Rendering Techniques
Thermodynamics laws
The "Virtual" - Chemistry Center - Martindale's Graduate & Undergraduate Center
The Virtual Classroom - Chemistry
The Virtual Titrator (Java)
The Visual Elements Periodic Table
The 10 Most Abundant Elements in the Universe
Thomson J. J - Upptäckten av elektronen
Titratiecurve (Java)
Tutorial, Drill, and Quiz Index
Tutorials - with emphasis on applicability to high school chemistry
U.S.G.S. Learning Web - Where better to learn about geology than the U.S. Geological Survey?
Virtual Chemistry Lab
Virtual Lab
Virtual Library: Chemistry
Visual Elements - Online Periodensystem
WebElements Periodic table (professional edition)
Werking galvanisch element (Flash)
Who is THAT? - Famous Scientists and Mathmeticians
40 Element Symbols - Learn the symbols for forty of the most common chemical elements

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